love thursday: mother love

I don’t think I understood what love was before him – what it truly meant and how powerful the emotion really was. It can be all consuming and blow you over like a leaf in the wind – but it can also just wash over you like a cool breeze, making all the crazy around you okay again. And this love – it doesn’t just go away. Even when they drive you bat shit crazy all day, whining and nagging as preschoolers seem wont to do – there are still these moments, always these moments that just erase the rest of it. It doesn’t matter because there is LOVE and it’s always there. I feel the same way about my husband, but romantic love is more complicated and harder to be sure of – it’s tough stuff and it’s just as rewarding but totally different, you know? This mother love just is – there is no doubt or learning curve – it just exists one day and you know it isn’t going anywhere. I still find it amazing that in two weeks I will be opening my heart to even more of this awesome stuff. It’s unreal.

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2 responses to “love thursday: mother love”

  1. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    So true. Your picture say it all.


  2. memyselfandotherthings Avatar

    Lovely post and I so know what you mean, they can drive you round the bend all day and then they give you this hug and kiss and all melts away…

    Good luck for the impending birth of your next love of your life.