love thursday: the grandchild wall

My grandmother has a wall in her home that is devoted to pictures of her grandchildren (and great grandchildren, now). There is a picture of me from high school up there alongside pictures of my kids and my cousins’ kids. It’s become a tradition and an annual picture of the kids is always asked for.Continue reading “love thursday: the grandchild wall”

love thursday : happy thoughts

I’ve been feeling a little restless lately and a lot grumpy. I’m anxious for upcoming Happy Things and tired of complaining about things but seemingly unwilling to actually stop complaining about things which probably makes me less than fun to be around. Sorry about that. So because it’s Thursday and Chookooloonks demands it, today IContinue reading “love thursday : happy thoughts”

love thursday: pretty pretty baby

Have I mentioned how much I love this second born child of mine? Because seriously… Love her. I am addicted to her cuteness and fairly certain I could just sit around staring at pictures of her all day. Except for when I stop looking at pictures and go snuggle the real thing of course! chookooloonksContinue reading “love thursday: pretty pretty baby”

love thursday: 5 things I'm loving right now…

I’ve had a mild case of the bah humbugs lately. Bloggy blahs, allergy “why me’s,” bad mommy moments galore, grumpy frumpies and the like. I know it happens to the best of us, but little by little I’m becoming bad company – I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan skips to car in the morning, thrilledContinue reading “love thursday: 5 things I'm loving right now…”

love thursday: lovely outtakes

I’ve been getting so many cute pictures thanks to my 365 project and sometimes I just don’t know what to do with them all! I thought these three came out really cute. I’m biased of course, but seriously… Even when she’s ignoring me, she’s just stunning. And when she’s not ignoring me? I’m a puddle-likeContinue reading “love thursday: lovely outtakes”

love thursday: this baby of mine

Lately she seems to get bigger every second. If I blink, I might miss everything – her mouth is already chock full of tiny teeth. I swear she’s one step away from turning twenty some mornings and yet still my little baby girl… She’s a force to be reckoned with, this one. Larger than lifeContinue reading “love thursday: this baby of mine”

love thursday: getting to know myself

These delicious oatmeal raisin cookies are for Bunco Night tonight, one of the subgroups of the local meetup group I joined awhile back. I am pretty sure that I didn’t like oatmeal raisin cookies for the majority of my life. I know that if you put them next to just about any other cookie, oatmealContinue reading “love thursday: getting to know myself”

love thursday: january 7th

They are both getting so big, so much more so every day it seems. Little BB is learning and exploring new things every day, mere seconds away from crawling, starting to sit up unassisted more and more – and she just loves her big brother. I wouldn’t be surprised if his name is her firstContinue reading “love thursday: january 7th”