love thursday: the grandchild wall

My grandmother has a wall in her home that is devoted to pictures of her grandchildren (and great grandchildren, now). There is a picture of me from high school up there alongside pictures of my kids and my cousins’ kids. It’s become a tradition and an annual picture of the kids is always asked for. I really didn’t want to drag my kids to a picture studio this year, thinking that with a camera as nice as ours, I should be able to get something taken myself.

I had two major battles: lighting and small children

MM was pretty good about posing for me, though only for a very short while as his attention span is not exactly vast. BB on the other hand? Taking pictures of BB is no easy feat. It involves a lot of cajoling and running around and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best and even still, you are going to have to pretend that you are content with the “artsy” picture you end up with, which is no doubt as stunning as she is, but not a traditional portrait in any sense of the word. I think we can chalk this up to “she’s 16 1/2 months old” but that makes it no less frustrating while wielding the camera, you know?

So, you wanna see pictures right? I’ll show the ones I ended up sending my grandma along with some outtakes for fun!

I actually kind of like this picture of MM, but I wanted something a bit more traditional from him as I knew he could deliver. BB? Yeah that would be the Evil Dictator Face again.

This was my best MM picture of the day but BB was just giving me nothing but silly faces. Plus, maybe I should take pictures when she’s dressed.

The next day, I got both kids all gussied up for a picture. MM did even better this day though lighting was still fighting me a little. And seriously BB, seriously?

Success. At least, good enough. BB looks stunning even if she refuses to look at me and maybe looks a little scared and MM is handsome, a little closer up but in a good way and the lighting is… okay. Probably the best I’m gonna get if I want him near the tree. And let’s face it, that’s the cleanest corner of the apartment.


  1. I think overall they look great! I agree the 2nd of BB is cute but I like the serene looking one too. Look at MM.. such a big boy posing for mom’s picture taking!


  2. Those are all good.

    My mom has the “wall of fame” too, and always asks for new pictures. In fact, I even managed to update my pictures this year!


  3. I would have totally gone w/ the third one of MM & the second one of BB. Both kids are adorable in all of the photos though. And seriously? Evil dictator? I would’ve spit my dt coke @ the screen in laughter if I’d been drinking any! Snort…. I Love that description. Too cute!


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