ww: when I wasn't here…

I was coloring this

coloring poinsettias (from wee folk art - click for coloring page)

and making these (inspired by this)…

and drawing christmas trees (inspired by these printable ornaments at Wild Olive)


you know, all of that

He was there:

writing letters to his auntie

Her, too.

I call this the Evil Dictator Face now she's happy now she's crazy and... now she's happy again

She makes a lot of funny faces.

Perry the Platypus ornament

We also made one of these.

impromptu paper airplane

And one of these, too, for good measure!

I’ll post some more cute (actually, stunning) pictures tomorrow, kay?

5 thoughts on “ww: when I wasn't here…

  1. Look how festive everything is. It’s just beautiful! Of course that little munchkin of yours w/ the huge grin is quite the ornament herself. I’m w/ blueviolet – I really need my kids to shrink back to littles too!


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