Daybook: December 20th

walking in a winter wonderland


Outside my window: it’s snowing! It’s been coming down for awhile now and the weather man says we can expect another 4.5 inches of snow! I see very little chance of us not having a white Christmas at this point.

these boots were made for walking

This weekend we: bought BB her first pair of snow boots so that she can start walking outside. My back has been hurting a lot lately and carrying her is not helping, I’m sure. She’s getting to be such a big girl!

my big girl

We also: ran all of our usual errands, which is becoming less and less fun as it gets closer to Christmas. Seriously annoyed sometimes with all the awful traffic and crowds that accompany the holidays. It shouldn’t make people so harried, spending so much more money, etc. I wish the whole holiday were much simpler. I’ve tried pretty hard to keep things toned down this year and while I still feel like we got more than I intended, I think we managed to keep it simple and rooted in good things. Even better? Everything is purchased, wrapped and ready to go.

one of my wrapped presents

I am reading: A First Among Sequels (Thursday Next, Book 5) by Jasper Fforde, his books are always slow going for me but oh so enjoyable!

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One last picture to share before I go: here’s a sweet snapshot of little BB in her tutu

BB the Beautiful


  1. Two things. Another 4.5 inches of SNOW? & you have everything wrapped?!? Dang, girl, you’re doing good. I just spent 6 hrs wrapping today (we were supposed to keep it small too. Not certain what happened) & we most definitely do not have snow. Wanna trade?


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