Daybook: March 18, 2020 | The Great Hibernation of 2020 Edition

Bellinis with breakfast because 🤷‍♀️

Outside My Window: there is snow on the ground because Mother Nature thinks she is very very funny. The kids asked for a snow day this year. Does this count?

In all seriousness, this is supposed to be our Spring Break but like everyone else across the globe it seems, we are inside self quarantined indefinitely due to the Coronavirus situation. I have no idea when the kids will be able to return to school or we’ll be able to do little things like dine in a restaurant or see a movie. Trying to accept this new normal one day at a time.

We are very lucky to be relatively comfortable in this chaos. We are all healthy at the moment, we have enough food and my husband will be able to work from home. Currently my biggest problem is the care and keeping of a family of introverts.

I Am Hearing: the hum of the dishwasher in the kitchen and the kids upstairs playing with Legos because I’m a genius. Or a person with online access to geniuses.

I am Thinking: way too much really. I’m oscillating between everything’s fine and remembering something else we’ll need to reschedule. Karate classes have gone digital. The big piano recital is cancelled. The big end of year 8th grade trip is hovering in a state of uncertainty. My son turns 14 in 3 weeks and I’m not sure when we’ll officially celebrate with people other than our little foursome.

I am Reading: The Alice Network with my book club which is doing a decent job of putting things in perspective. While I worry about missing out on coffee with school moms, the characters in my book are dealing with world wars and espionage and the unfair treatment of women in the 1910’s-1940’s.

I’m also reading Don’t Overthink It by Anne Bogel on my Kindle and it’s almost laughable how timely it has found me. Of course my overthinking has taken on a more serious tone than usual, but the advice in the book has been helpful and often feels like Anne has been listening in on my conversations or something.

Week Recap: it’s been a weird week so far, that’s for sure! Going to the grocery store now constitutes an outing and alone time. We’ve watched Captain America, Toy Story 1 and 2, High School Musical 2 and 3 and we’re halfway through Season 6 of Doctor Who. We pulled out the telescope Monday night and went for a hike yesterday that seriously kicked my butt. I’ve been cleaning up a storm, finally filing a bunch of old bills, cleaning and decluttering the kitchen and the office. Planning to play Pandemic tonight with the kids because I can’t resist.

I’m looking forward to: things getting back to normal someday but also kind of enjoying the forced slow down. We’ll see how I feel about it next week though when the novelty has worn off.

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Daybook | January 30th

Outside My Window: It’s another gray morning in Wisconsin. I’m trying not to grumble about the weather because it’s not overly cold and it’s not snowing but it’s been overcast and chilly all week and I miss the sun.

I Am Hearing: Literal silence and I gotta be honest, it’s glorious. The kids are at school, the dog is sleeping and I have another hour to myself before I go serve lunch at the school. We have a busy afternoon today so I’m trying to catch some zen now.

I am Thinking: about what I should paint next, the book club I’m starting (can you hear me squealing from here?), trying to remember to go to the library later, thinking about looking for Valentine’s for the kids, very excited that my hubby is getting back from a work trip tonight.

I am Reading: I just started reading Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey last night and I can already tell I’m hooked. The writing is sucking me in, the characters seem fun. I’m all in!

My book club is following Reese Witherspoon’s book club but we’re going about it late to the party style and reading from the beginning so I also need to track down a copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I tried reading this a year or two ago and couldn’t get into but I’ve kind of always regretted bailing on it so quickly so this will be a good excuse to give it another try.

Week Recap: It’s been a busy week with lots of karate, homework woes, my teenager serving Culver’s for a school fundraiser, all my usual mom volunteering and stuff. Tonight is more karate. Tomorrow is my ten year old’s next spirit squad performance. Basically I’m a really underpaid chauffeur and have nothing original to say about it.

I’m looking forward to: having my hubby home and a laid back weekend ahead.

Picture Thought:

My daughter has joined the dark side. And by that I mean she finished this awesome watercolor picture for the school art fair. Ask me about how last minute she finished it.

It’s almost Friday guys! We can do it!

Daybook: February 7th 2019.

Outside My Window: we’re having another super fun snow day, or rather a snow and ice storm day. This makes our 6th day of cancelled school this year. Crazy sauce. I’m not really disappointed but I’m also not in Super Fun Mom Mode either.

I Am Hearing: my daughter giggling over YouTube and my son narrating his choices while playing the Sims. He’s building our family in the Sims-verse. Kinda cool.

I am Thinking: about suggesting a non-screentime activity soon but I’m also feeling tired and maybe content to keep phoning it in until lunch at least. I’m also thinking about all of the carb-based foods that I’d like to be eating because it’s day 4 of me being on a diet so all of the “bad” foods sound amazing.

I am Reading: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, the sequel of Anna and the French Kiss. I’m about halfway through and intrigued by the plot twist the author just threw at the main characters.

I am Hoping: that the recipe I’m making for dinner tonight comes out okay. I’m playing with a lemon chicken recipe that was originally meant for the crock pot but I’m going to bake it instead, so I’m marinating it in the liquid the recipe had it cooking in instead.

Weekend Update: the weekend itself is honestly a blur. Friday night my daughter had her first Spirit Squad performance and did a great job cheering on the basketball team! Sunday night I made this chicken tikka masala recipe and was met with rave reviews from the hubby.

Plans For The Rest of the Week: well the week is nearly over but tomorrow is the big school pep rally. The kids will find out which classes won Spirit Week competitions and my daughter will have a chance to perform with the Spirit Squad again. Sometime this weekend Dan and I are talking about making fettuccine Alfredo with zucchini noodles because food is the only thing I think about anymore.

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Daybook: January 28th 2019


Outside My Window: It’s still snowing. It’s been snowing since like 9pm last night and it seems to have no plans of stopping. The kids were ecstatic to get a snow day today and we’ve been making the most of it with all of the board games, a bit of video game time and watching last season’s America’s Got Talent together. We might have even more of this in store this week as there are some horrifically freezing cold temperatures predicted in the next couple of days. Fuuunnnnnn….

I Am Hearing: a Sims baby cooing on the television. I’m trying really hard to be a cool mom so I decided to write in my blog and let them have some YouTube / Video Game time instead of demanding they hang out with me 24/7.

I am Thinking: about all of our upcoming plans for the week and wondering which ones are going to get rescheduled for the weather and just in general trying to accept that I have no control over how this all pans out. It’s, in theory, a very busy week but if The Weather Gods have it their way it might just be even yet more board games and video games.


51gwhvro6+lI am Reading: a few things right now. I’ve been reading Book One of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection, one of my son’s all time favorite things. This has made for nice leisurely reading that I can pick up and put down, although the book itself is massive and a bit heavy. I’m also reading Don’t You Forget About Me by Liz Tipping on my kindle. I just started this one but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s a fairy light read, a British romantic comedy where the main character is hoping to rewrite her high school history at her upcoming reunion.

I am Hoping: the roads are relatively clear when my husband comes home from work tonight. I really don’t have a great reason to fret as our town is good about plowing and my husband drives a four wheel drive pickup and is a good driver. But I’m me, so I’m going to worry anyway.

Weekend Update: We had a nice weekend. I went to a friend’s house on Saturday night for a Mom’s Game Night and had so much fun. We played several games and also spent a lot of time just being goofy and singing along to old songs together. It’s kind of awesome getting to spend time with “your people” – I’m glad I’ve found some great friends here. Last night our good friends came over for dinner with their new baby and that was a lot of fun, too. The kids loved getting to play with their eldest daughter who is 2 1/2 and I got to spend a good bit of time holding the wee little bairn so all was right with the world.

Plans For The Week: Ha! I guess it depends on Mother Nature but we have Spirit Week at school in theory, the big pep rally on Friday and my daughter is cheering on the basketball game on Friday. There’s an Aladdin viewing party at the school this week to get the school psyched for this year’s school play. I have a dentist appointment to either go to or reschedule. And in theory the Mom Friends and I are going to play Team Trivia this week, too.

Picture Thought:

She’s got School Spirit even on a Snow Day | Celebrating Pajama Day at home!

Daybook: January 14th 2019


Outside My Window: it’s one of those days that feels even colder than it is. It was supposedly up to the 30’s today but it pretty much felt like 7 degrees all day to me. I guess I probably need to buckle up and brace myself for the rest of this winter, but apparently I like to complain about it every day like it’s something new that’s never happened before.

I Am Hearing: my son doing homework on his laptop while my daughter stomps around her room loudly so that we all know she is BORED and HAS NOTHING TO DO. Also listening to the traffic on our street, hoping to hear the dulcet sound of my husband’s truck pulling up the driveway.

I am Thinking: about summer because that’s what winter does to me. Rather than dwell on the fact that it’s cold and life is busy, I’m planning camping trips, possible weekends to visit the ren faire and our summer vacation plans. I’ve also been thinking about what I want the regular days of summer to look like this year. I’m considering saying sayonara to the whole summer day camp thing because honestly I think I might be over it. Am I crazy? We’d still do swim lessons, but I’m thinking if my kids want to go to an “art camp” that I could just do art with them instead.

I am Reading:  I’m still reading Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster but there’s a very good chance that I’ll finish the book tonight (finally). I’m also listening to This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Phillips on audio right now.

I am Hoping: that my son isn’t up all night with homework. Monday’s are kind of our trying to be in eight places at once night and the end result is that it feels like homework time will never end. Would it be rude of me to watch Jeopardy while he’s in the next room doing math problems?

Weekend Update: We picked up books at the library for the kids’ various research projects (Titanic for him; Elizabeth Blackwell for her). My husband installed new smoke detectors that talk to each other in unison like the Ood. We went to a friend’s house for dinner and a game night. Probably other stuff happened, too.

Plans For The Week: Babysitting my friend’s toddler so they can squeeze in one more date night before the new baby comes. My daughter’s first time cheering during a school basketball game. PTO meeting. Trivia =) . And a long weekend to look forward to.

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Daybook: January 7th, 2019



Remember Monday “daybook” posts? I used to do them a lot but fell out of the practice. My friend Jean over at Working Momma 247 just posted one and I felt all kinds of back in the day blogging about it so I decided to play along on my blog, too! Let’s harken back to the ye old days of blogging in 2010 (so retro), shall we?

Outside My Window: it’s finally stopped raining but it’s still kind of damp and chilly. It was in the 40’s again today though so I suppose I should count my blessings that it’s light coat and a sweater weather instead of squall parka weather… for now.

I Am Hearing: parents chattering and kids making karate shouts and my daughter narrating her homework progress to me as I type this. We’re at our second after school activity for the night and still have my oldest’s homework and the eating of dinner to go when we leave here. Still we’re nearing the finish line of a very busy afternoon and look at me blogging like a multitasking pro with a laptop and stuff.

49690827_10101716518295786_6550858727459651584_oI am Thinking: about all of the travel plans for the coming year that I need to finalize and all of the every day grown up stuff I need to get done also. Then there’s that pesky desire to spend time on creative pursuits like my current work in fiction progress and also I’m dabbling with watercolors now for funsies and well rounded life goals. Also apparently people exercise?

I am Reading: Enders Game by Orson Scott Card on my kindle and still kind of not quite getting into it. I hear such good things though so I’m soldiering on and waiting for the plot to really grab me. On my nightstand I’m still reading Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster. Love her and I find the short essays perfect for nighttime reading where I have a tendency to be sporadic and less than attentive.

I am Hoping: that dinner tastes good tonight. I’ve got this low carb Zuppa Toscana soup cooking in my slow cooker – we love this soup at Olive Garden and I’m hoping the recipe does the original justice despite the changes made for a low carb diet. Tis the season, huh? Either way, I’m glad that dinner will be waiting for us at the end of this busy day.

Weekend Update: Dan and I went on a lovely afternoon date on Saturday thanks to my BFF who offered to babysit. We went to a wine bar and tried a few samples and glasses of different wines and shared a cheese plate. Then we went next door to the coffee and yarn store to browse yarn and have a cup of tea. We played a couple games of cribbage later that night – I was really out of practice but managed to win one of the games we played. Yesterday I had coffee with friends, one of whom has been living in India as an expat for several years now so it’s always exciting when we can get together.

Plans For The Week: Coffee with a school mom, trivia with the girls, BB’s first after school art class, a dentist appointment, lunch at hubby’s office, a school geography bee and a game night over the weekend are just a few of the things we’ll be getting up to this week.

Picture Thought:

life on the weekend looks like this.