Daybook: February 7th 2019.

Outside My Window: we’re having another super fun snow day, or rather a snow and ice storm day. This makes our 6th day of cancelled school this year. Crazy sauce. I’m not really disappointed but I’m also not in Super Fun Mom Mode either.

I Am Hearing: my daughter giggling over YouTube and my son narrating his choices while playing the Sims. He’s building our family in the Sims-verse. Kinda cool.

I am Thinking: about suggesting a non-screentime activity soon but I’m also feeling tired and maybe content to keep phoning it in until lunch at least. I’m also thinking about all of the carb-based foods that I’d like to be eating because it’s day 4 of me being on a diet so all of the “bad” foods sound amazing.

I am Reading: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins, the sequel of Anna and the French Kiss. I’m about halfway through and intrigued by the plot twist the author just threw at the main characters.

I am Hoping: that the recipe I’m making for dinner tonight comes out okay. I’m playing with a lemon chicken recipe that was originally meant for the crock pot but I’m going to bake it instead, so I’m marinating it in the liquid the recipe had it cooking in instead.

Weekend Update: the weekend itself is honestly a blur. Friday night my daughter had her first Spirit Squad performance and did a great job cheering on the basketball team! Sunday night I made this chicken tikka masala recipe and was met with rave reviews from the hubby.

Plans For The Rest of the Week: well the week is nearly over but tomorrow is the big school pep rally. The kids will find out which classes won Spirit Week competitions and my daughter will have a chance to perform with the Spirit Squad again. Sometime this weekend Dan and I are talking about making fettuccine Alfredo with zucchini noodles because food is the only thing I think about anymore.

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  1. grayharley Avatar

    I like your Outside My Window snowy day picture,


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Thanks, it’s literally outside the kitchen window today.