Daybook: January 28th 2019


Outside My Window: It’s still snowing. It’s been snowing since like 9pm last night and it seems to have no plans of stopping. The kids were ecstatic to get a snow day today and we’ve been making the most of it with all of the board games, a bit of video game time and watching last season’s America’s Got Talent together. We might have even more of this in store this week as there are some horrifically freezing cold temperatures predicted in the next couple of days. Fuuunnnnnn….

I Am Hearing: a Sims baby cooing on the television. I’m trying really hard to be a cool mom so I decided to write in my blog and let them have some YouTube / Video Game time instead of demanding they hang out with me 24/7.

I am Thinking: about all of our upcoming plans for the week and wondering which ones are going to get rescheduled for the weather and just in general trying to accept that I have no control over how this all pans out. It’s, in theory, a very busy week but if The Weather Gods have it their way it might just be even yet more board games and video games.


51gwhvro6+lI am Reading: a few things right now. I’ve been reading Book One of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection, one of my son’s all time favorite things. This has made for nice leisurely reading that I can pick up and put down, although the book itself is massive and a bit heavy. I’m also reading Don’t You Forget About Me by Liz Tipping on my kindle. I just started this one but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s a fairy light read, a British romantic comedy where the main character is hoping to rewrite her high school history at her upcoming reunion.

I am Hoping: the roads are relatively clear when my husband comes home from work tonight. I really don’t have a great reason to fret as our town is good about plowing and my husband drives a four wheel drive pickup and is a good driver. But I’m me, so I’m going to worry anyway.

Weekend Update: We had a nice weekend. I went to a friend’s house on Saturday night for a Mom’s Game Night and had so much fun. We played several games and also spent a lot of time just being goofy and singing along to old songs together. It’s kind of awesome getting to spend time with “your people” – I’m glad I’ve found some great friends here. Last night our good friends came over for dinner with their new baby and that was a lot of fun, too. The kids loved getting to play with their eldest daughter who is 2 1/2 and I got to spend a good bit of time holding the wee little bairn so all was right with the world.

Plans For The Week: Ha! I guess it depends on Mother Nature but we have Spirit Week at school in theory, the big pep rally on Friday and my daughter is cheering on the basketball game on Friday. There’s an Aladdin viewing party at the school this week to get the school psyched for this year’s school play. I have a dentist appointment to either go to or reschedule. And in theory the Mom Friends and I are going to play Team Trivia this week, too.

Picture Thought:

She’s got School Spirit even on a Snow Day | Celebrating Pajama Day at home!