Daybook: January 7th, 2019



Remember Monday “daybook” posts? I used to do them a lot but fell out of the practice. My friend Jean over at Working Momma 247 just posted one and I felt all kinds of back in the day blogging about it so I decided to play along on my blog, too! Let’s harken back to the ye old days of blogging in 2010 (so retro), shall we?

Outside My Window: it’s finally stopped raining but it’s still kind of damp and chilly. It was in the 40’s again today though so I suppose I should count my blessings that it’s light coat and a sweater weather instead of squall parka weather… for now.

I Am Hearing: parents chattering and kids making karate shouts and my daughter narrating her homework progress to me as I type this. We’re at our second after school activity for the night and still have my oldest’s homework and the eating of dinner to go when we leave here. Still we’re nearing the finish line of a very busy afternoon and look at me blogging like a multitasking pro with a laptop and stuff.

49690827_10101716518295786_6550858727459651584_oI am Thinking: about all of the travel plans for the coming year that I need to finalize and all of the every day grown up stuff I need to get done also. Then there’s that pesky desire to spend time on creative pursuits like my current work in fiction progress and also I’m dabbling with watercolors now for funsies and well rounded life goals. Also apparently people exercise?

I am Reading: Enders Game by Orson Scott Card on my kindle and still kind of not quite getting into it. I hear such good things though so I’m soldiering on and waiting for the plot to really grab me. On my nightstand I’m still reading Jeneration X by Jen Lancaster. Love her and I find the short essays perfect for nighttime reading where I have a tendency to be sporadic and less than attentive.

I am Hoping: that dinner tastes good tonight. I’ve got this low carb Zuppa Toscana soup cooking in my slow cooker – we love this soup at Olive Garden and I’m hoping the recipe does the original justice despite the changes made for a low carb diet. Tis the season, huh? Either way, I’m glad that dinner will be waiting for us at the end of this busy day.

Weekend Update: Dan and I went on a lovely afternoon date on Saturday thanks to my BFF who offered to babysit. We went to a wine bar and tried a few samples and glasses of different wines and shared a cheese plate. Then we went next door to the coffee and yarn store to browse yarn and have a cup of tea. We played a couple games of cribbage later that night – I was really out of practice but managed to win one of the games we played. Yesterday I had coffee with friends, one of whom has been living in India as an expat for several years now so it’s always exciting when we can get together.

Plans For The Week: Coffee with a school mom, trivia with the girls, BB’s first after school art class, a dentist appointment, lunch at hubby’s office, a school geography bee and a game night over the weekend are just a few of the things we’ll be getting up to this week.

Picture Thought:

life on the weekend looks like this.

2 responses to “Daybook: January 7th, 2019”

  1. Jean M Massey Avatar

    I do feel so retro! Does this make us weirdly hipster, but in a good way? I also could not get into Enders Game, the oldest loved it and yet hated the movie. I guess they got it very wrong. I thought it was fine, though I didn’t get very far in the book.
    P.S. What blog feed reader do you use? I’m having issues with Feedly on my tablet.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I’m using inoreader at the recommendation of my husband, so far so good. Glad to hear your thoughts on enders game. Not sure if I’ll stick it out or not yet.