Hello 2019! Non resolutions for a new year

We’re four days into the new year and the internet is officially brimming with resolutions, diet plans, budget overhauls and every change you need to make NOW to be the Best Version of You.

But I think you are already pretty awesome. Honestly, you’re killing it. I’m not saying you are perfect because we’re all living our truth here. I know there’s probably even something you’d like to change and that’s cool. But don’t forget to take stock of what’s already awesome.

This year I want to embrace all of the good stuff that makes my life awesome and say nah to the rest of it. Or at least not dwell on the lame stuff that isn’t bringing me joy.

So I say yes to more writing, more tea, more date nights, more walks, more FUN. I want to draw more (or at least doodle more), paint more, read more great books, travel more, hang out with great friends more and maybe learn how to make homemade crackers.

But honestly as long as I can look back on this year and say, “that was fun” or even “good effort”; that will be enough for me. Because my life is already pretty great – just like yours.

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