Daybook | January 30th

Outside My Window: It’s another gray morning in Wisconsin. I’m trying not to grumble about the weather because it’s not overly cold and it’s not snowing but it’s been overcast and chilly all week and I miss the sun.

I Am Hearing: Literal silence and I gotta be honest, it’s glorious. The kids are at school, the dog is sleeping and I have another hour to myself before I go serve lunch at the school. We have a busy afternoon today so I’m trying to catch some zen now.

I am Thinking: about what I should paint next, the book club I’m starting (can you hear me squealing from here?), trying to remember to go to the library later, thinking about looking for Valentine’s for the kids, very excited that my hubby is getting back from a work trip tonight.

I am Reading: I just started reading Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey last night and I can already tell I’m hooked. The writing is sucking me in, the characters seem fun. I’m all in!

My book club is following Reese Witherspoon’s book club but we’re going about it late to the party style and reading from the beginning so I also need to track down a copy of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I tried reading this a year or two ago and couldn’t get into but I’ve kind of always regretted bailing on it so quickly so this will be a good excuse to give it another try.

Week Recap: It’s been a busy week with lots of karate, homework woes, my teenager serving Culver’s for a school fundraiser, all my usual mom volunteering and stuff. Tonight is more karate. Tomorrow is my ten year old’s next spirit squad performance. Basically I’m a really underpaid chauffeur and have nothing original to say about it.

I’m looking forward to: having my hubby home and a laid back weekend ahead.

Picture Thought:

My daughter has joined the dark side. And by that I mean she finished this awesome watercolor picture for the school art fair. Ask me about how last minute she finished it.

It’s almost Friday guys! We can do it!

2 responses to “Daybook | January 30th”

  1. Jen Manullang Avatar
    Jen Manullang

    Read “Eleanor” on audio—it brings the book alive! The accents are beautifully done. It was my favorite book of the year it came out, and is definitely in my top five favorite audiobooks.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely give that a try!