3 Good Things for February 7th

A couple of years ago my kids and I started sharing three good things about our day before bed each night. It started as a way to help prevent negative dwelling on all the little things but has turned into a beloved bedtime tradition in our house.

Each kid shares with me (1) something they enjoyed, (2) something they are proud of, and (3) something they are looking forward to. Sometimes I help them out with ideas but these days they are getting pretty good at coming up with three things. They say that the more you focus on looking at the bright side, the easier it is to find. I have definitely found that to be true with this exercise. It’s easy to think of all the things that have gone wrong. Thinking about what’s gone right can sometimes take extra effort.

This week has really kicked my butt. Most of the family is currently fighting a headcold and trying to keep up with our packed schedule has been a challenge. I thought I’d take a minute to stop lamenting the week and share three good things of my own.

1. My hubby and I had an amazing date night recently. We had dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse where they walk around with platters of meat and you take what you like; along with a salad bar to rival all salad bars. We ate like royalty and then walked over to a great local art supply store where I spent a birthday gift card on copious amounts of watercolor paper and a travel watercolor kit.

2. I am really proud of some of my recent paintings. It feels very unnatural to brag about myself. I’m much better at bragging about my kids and I would love to tell you about all the great things they are accomplishing but we moms accomplish a lot too and we deserve praise also. I’ve tackled a few paintings that felt out of my depth this month and I’m proud of myself for seeing them through to a finished product.

3. You guys, I started a book club! I had this hair brained idea to start a super low pressure book club that puts an emphasis on fun and avoids rules or pressure. We’re reading along with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine book club but starting at the beginning because we’re moms and we’re late to the party. We’re discussing the first book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman at the end of the month and I’m so excited about how many of my friends joined and invited their friends and the vibe has been exactly what I hoped for – A bunch of amazing, fun women excited about getting together to talk about books. I can’t wait for the first meeting!

What 3 things would be on your list right now?