love thursday: 5 things I'm loving right now…

my little love bug

I’ve had a mild case of the bah humbugs lately. Bloggy blahs, allergy “why me’s,” bad mommy moments galore, grumpy frumpies and the like. I know it happens to the best of us, but little by little I’m becoming bad company – I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan skips to car in the morning, thrilled to be rid of me (I kid, I think…) at last. I know I wouldn’t mind being rid of me sometimes. And I know most of the blahs in my mind these days are just that… in my mind. Cause I’ve got it pretty good. I think it’s time to dwell on the positive for a moment, in memeish fashion of course.

  1. Yesterday MM got a lot of birthday well wishes from family and friends. Phone calls from my family and Dan’s really made his afternoon – when his grammy called, I put the phone on speaker phone (so I’ll know if he’s holding them captive and they are begging to hang up already!) and she immediately burst into song when he said hello with a rousing “Happy Birthday To You…” and he was just floored. Like it was the best thing that had ever happened in his entire life and she was the most amazing person ever for thinking of it. I just love how he is so young still that these seemingly everyday and common place things like The Happy Birthday Song are a new, amazing thing still. He thought it was so good that he sang it back to her, too, and made everyone else there sing it, too.
  2. Today in a fit of pure genius, I pulled out a baby gate and stuck it at one of the entrances to the kitchen. She has this annoying habit of climbing into the dishwasher when I’m trying to empty or fill it but I’ve avoided the baby gates because I kept thinking maybe we don’t really really need them and how much work will they be to put up, and am I making more trouble for myself than necessary. I have a tendency to go overboard with things like baby proofing (ask my friends about the old toilet lock) but within seconds of putting it up, I knew. It was just the right thing for this problem. It was perfect – and it fit the doorway like it was MADE to be there. Plus I’m feeling all proud and handy for putting it up myself, not that it was terribly difficult, but you know…
  3. Speaking of things I should have done awhile ago, Tuesday I moved MM into his own bedroom, in the old toy room. I liked the idea of the kids sharing a bedroom and having a separate room just for toys but then trying to get the baby to sleep through the night was so not happening because I couldn’t seem to justify letting her “cry it out” with MM right next to her. Having them in separate rooms I think will fix this problem much quicker. As for the toys, well I decided that lots of kids have toys in their bedrooms and although I’m sure he will get out of bed sometimes to play, he’s a kid and I need to let go sometimes and let him be a kid. And today when I asked him to clean his room before watching tv, he did a fantastic, thorough job and I was so proud. I think mommy needs to start letting go of some of her control issues and start giving him more responsibility.
  4. My husband. I sometimes say it a lot, and sometimes not enough, but ladies let me be frank when I say that I won the Awesome Husband Jackpot. My man.. he’s just incredible. He puts up with the mood swings, he chips in more than his fair share sometimes, he is so smart and so funny and he always seems to know what I am needing and supports me 100%. He makes me breakfast every morning, fixes my computer whenever it has it’s hourly brain fart and he encourages me to be a better me – and assures me it’s okay when I’m less than great. He’s the cheese in my macaroni.
  5. When I moved to Wisconsin one of the things I missed the most was my favorite brand of chips – Wachusett Sour Cream and Onion. I know it seems silly, but no other brand can compare – the perfect ruffled, seasoned, inexpensive bag of chips, they are ridiculously addictive. I searched far and wide, tried a lot of different kinds of chips but just… nothing. But then we started shopping at Aldi and I discovered Clancy’s Barbecue potato chips. Ridiculously cheap like all Aldi products and while they are really nothing like the Wachusett Sour Cream and Onion they have that same just right quality. I am smitten. They are my Wisconsin Chips. I love them.

What 5 things are you loving right now?

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4 thoughts on “love thursday: 5 things I'm loving right now…

  1. Yay for a baby gate and saving your sanity.

    And, I’m glad you got the sleeping situation all squared away. They can always move back in with each other in a couple months, right?

    And, hubby lotto? Yay!


  2. Maybe it’s spring fever that’s getting to everyone although we’ve pretty much passed spring here. OH, well. Those blue eyes were definitely a bright way to enliven the day!

    You totally made me laugh w/ the whole letting go thing. Hubby keeps telling me that’s what I need to do!


  3. Those are all fantastic things! I’ve been wallowing in the blahs too…a lot of people seem to be. Maybe it’s something to do with the changing seasons?


  4. I could so jump into the sea that is her big blue eyes…after that I lost my train of thought.
    You’re also making me want to watch Juno and eat sour cream and onion chips.


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