Homemade Baby Food, Here I Come

I’ve been thinking about homemade baby food for awhile now. We’re planning to nurse for the first year, which will help save some money but what about baby food? It does get kind of expensive and I am home all day – but how do you go about it? What foods are good when and how do I prepare them and store them and reheat them? I know it’s not rocket science but I’m totally newbie at this. I’ve looked at those baby food makers but they seem kind of expensive and surely there must be an easier way?

Well today GoodyBlog featured this awesome website Nurture Baby. Founded by Christen Babb, a fellow mom who created a website which has all the recipes, cooking techniques and nutrition info I could imagine needing to make Baby Blueberry her very own homemade baby food. I’m feeling so empowered now after having spent just minutes reading through the cooking techniques and recipes on her website. The recipes are sorted by both age and food type and everything is so easy to navigate and understand – consider me impressed.

Now I just need to have the baby.

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Just wanted to add a couple more helpful links and tips from friends, family and commenters.

  • My cousin recommended Annabel Karmel for recipes – Karmel also has cookbooks that my cousin loves – another recommendation from the cuz. was a food processor – preaching to the choir – someone want to give me one for free?
  • Reader Shirley recommends wholesomebabyfood.com
  • Reader Lisa Cain recommends www.babyfood101.com and to also try feeding baby the same foods you are making for the rest of the family.

If you have any other website recommendations or tricks of the trade, definitely mention them in the comments section (see below for other tips and comments) and I’ll try to add them to this list accordingly.

7 responses to “Homemade Baby Food, Here I Come”

  1. Rochelle Avatar

    I found it very easy to make baby food. We tended to buy food for when we’d be out at the grandparents or elsewhere, but avocado, sweet potato, banana are SOOO simple.
    Good luck! 🙂


  2. Shirley Avatar

    Also give http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com a try! Pick a fruit or veggie or meat and learn all about it. It’s not as “flashy” but the info and blog is great!

    Hint – buy natural adult applesauce instead of spending time making it. It’s cheaper and easier. Read the ingredients and if there’s just apples and water (or apples, water and ascorbic acid) then it’s good for baby too!


  3. Lisa Cain Avatar

    My favorite website for homemade baby food recipes is:


    The site suggests that you just cook for yourself and feed some to baby. There is a 6 month course of suggestions you can sign up for to guide you in introducing a variety of foods for your baby.

    I’m very excited for you – it is great to be thinking about food already!

    I hope this is helpful.


  4. Nancy Avatar

    I made some baby food but since I was also working I didn’t always have time. And often it was actually cheaper to buy jars, if the veggie/fruit wasn’t in season and was expensive at the time. Applesauce is one I made a lot of, still do when we go apple picking.


  5. vivienne Avatar

    I used to make a lot of baby food. Just by blending your regular dinners. Fish with veg and potatoes. Casseroles, roast dinners, the lot. They all used to go in the baby blender and often I would freeze them, firstly in ice cube trays and then in small plastic containers. It will save you a fortune and now my kids love vegetables.


  6. Amanda @ funkepunkemonke.com Avatar

    so…Aby went right into eating chuncks of very ripe bananas and steamed veggies…but I used the magic bullet to make other stuff like pear and applesauce.

    You can really start out with any thing easily mashable and not buy any appliances…

    # baked sweet potato (you can make in the microwave)
    # roasted butternut squash
    # ripe bananas
    # steamed peas and corn
    # blueberries
    # boiled (or steamed) carrots…but you have to boil the crap out of them
    # cheerios and anything else melt in your mouth
    # mashed beans (black, pinto, and garbonzo)
    # shredded chicken
    # flaky fish
    # oatmeal
    # yogurt
    # cottage cheese


  7. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Good for you! I had to make baby food for Nik cause he wouldn’t eat reg baby food. It was a hit & miss thing but Nik loved it. I didn’t mind either because by the time he was actually eating “baby food” he was actually 10 months old!

    You’ll have to let us know how the food goes when you do it. Oh & way to go on planning to nurse the first year! I nursed Nik for 17 1/2 months & Hanae for 15 1/2 months.