Happy First Day of April!

So this morning is the 1st of April which means a few things to me:

(one) the rent is due. This is never a happy thought – but knowing we have more than enough money to pay the rent IS a slightly happy thought – for a few months now we’ve been feeling a bit tight in the checkbook so things evening out is a very nice sight indeed!

(two) MLM is turning 2 in just SIX more days! That means I need to wrap presents, clean the apartment and make a final decision on what kind of cake I am making – plain old cake or cupcakes, teenie tiny Elmo face cupcakes, gigantic Elmo Face cake, a Lego Cake? Can I do all of the above, but magically have it all done in an hour or so? Can I have the kitchen of my dreams that has all spices, frosting, sprinkles, and zest I could ever need, a built in cooling rack system, several ovens, plenty of counter space and a spiffy decor? This kitchen of course will never get dirty or need cleaning because all messes made will magically evaporate into thin air as they hit the surfaces of this dreamy dream kitchen. Two will also mean getting ready for things like potty training, thinking about toddler beds, lots of new words, ABC’s, him getting smarter than I could ever imagine, and this Fall, me trying to have a second baby… what, oh yeah. That’s right. More on that later though. Moving on…

(three) I also have a baby shower to throw VERY soon AND a good friend moving back to the state after moving away for quite some time. The circumstances surrounding the move may not be happy, but having her back for awhile will be happy-making indeed!

(four) And yes, yes, it’s April Fools. Which means I’ll be reading tons of bogus blogs and news articles and frequently find myself saying, “Huh? Wha…oh right. April Fools… whatev…” Maybe my sense of humor needs some oiling, but this day has never felt terribly funny to me – the only time it was ever that big of a deal was in college when the newspaper I ran would do a big April Fools issue which was always fantastically fun to put together. But now it’s just me and my two year old who has no idea that it’s a Big Prank Day (thank god, I may be in serious trouble in a few years when he catches on).

Anyway, Happy April Fools Day to everyone who likes that kind of thing, and for the rest of us, don’t worry, only 13 more hours to go, then it can just be “Yay, it’s April, now maybe the weather will get better!!!”

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