I Will Never Be The Woman With The Perfect Hair, Who Can Wear White and Not Spill On It.

Count on Carrie Bradshaw to sum it up perfectly. I just got back from Sex and the City: The Movie and in a word, it was, of course, fabulous. And because, like Carrie, I’m a writer – you know I’ll need more than one word to sum all this up. I laughed, I cried, I saw body parts that I didn’t know were allowed to be shown in a movie, even a rated R movie. And man did I see life, in all it’s sloppy yet gorgeous glory. I saw my life, the lives of my friends, and the mistakes we all make, on the big screen as only Candace Bushnell could portray it.

It was probably all very obvious and well guessed and yet it shocked and stunned me at every corner – I had no idea what my movie ticket had gotten me in for. I re-learned that marriage, while it can be hard work, should not “feel like chemo” – that it’s about two people, no matter how many years you’ve devoted to yourself up until then. It’s about living in the now and letting go – and not getting caught up in the labels, the what people thinks, and the baggage. It’s about love.

So with that happy probably only half-coherent note, I leave you all and bid you good night and a fabulous weekend. I hope you will all greet the coming morning with a very Carrie-d away, “Hello lover,” or at the very least remember to be fabulous, at 20 or 50 or somewhere in between. Enjoy every moment, and for just this once, don’t bother with the spell check.