It's Real Life: Curb Appeal

It’s Real Life – I’ve been wanting to do this fun blogging photo meme since I read about it here. Brace yourself people, you are about to see my sad sorry existence in all its real life glory with fun pictures of my home, desk, jewelry and oh god, yes even me. So here it is:

Curb Appeal: We live in a cute little apartment complex in Central Massachusetts that certainly isn’t the prettiest place on the block but it holds a special place in my heart nonetheless. This is the first piece of property that has been mine even if we are renting it and thus don’t actually own it. Since graduating from college I flitted about living with my folks, then my in-laws and then back with my folks. So this apartment was a pretty big deal for my husband and I, because we finally had our own turf, a hiding place from the world (or at least our parents) and I think that’s pretty important.

So here’s our “curb.” I love the red brick with little shingle cut outs for each building. The first apartment I remember living in with my father was a lot like this so instinctively I was probably drawn towards this little beauty. It was raining when I took this photo so I kind of ran out, clicked, and ran back in. Pretty good picture considering, huh?

the land i call home

all my junk

Next picture taken was supposed to be of my junk drawer. But I don’t really have a specific drawer for that kind of thing – I kind of have a junk apartment you could say. So I looked around for the most blatant display of junk with no obvious organization going on and came up with this:

It’s one of those carousel storage bins, located on my desk, and I tend to throw anything in there that needs to be taken away from my son, or shoved somewhere until I get around to throwing it out – it’s the home for things with no home, unless you count my bedroom which you couldn’t pay me to photograph except maybe for a thousand dollars or so. Hey, I’m not stupid.

So here you can see the cute little roll up keyboard we bought for $10, then found it was worth less than that, the box my hamster’s newest chew toy came in (big orange thing), a book my son demolished before I could take the poor thing away from him, and yeah a whole bunch of junk. Neat, huh? You aren’t even the least bit bored by this meme, I can tell. Moving on…

My absolute favorite jewelry. I’m a married woman, so you can probably guess that my favorite jewelry will be my wedding ring / engagement ring which I consider one entity despite being two rings. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry unless my watch counts, but I really do love my wedding rings. They are stunning and simple and perfect for me and I was so proud of my husband for picking out the engagement ring all on his lonesome. It’s a real beaut – it’s also apparently impossible to photograph with anything less than an amazing camera, but luckily my husband took one look at the sorry example I put online and demanded to take a better picture for me with his Nikon D40 (stop drooling on my blog, I know it’s an awesome camera), soooo… here you go ladies – feast your eyes on my beauty of a ring:

much better ring pic

From whence I blog: I’ve been using this desk on and off since high school when my father bought it for me (actually most of my furniture seems to have come from my father, one way or another…). Anyway, yeah my desk is nothing special and kind of a mess but join with me in oohing and ahhing over the pretty that is my iMac:

my mess of a desk

Notice how I cleverly put my blog in the picture on my desktop… Sneaky self promotion… ooohhhhh….

My best feature:

Boy I gotta tell you, I’m stuck on this one – it’s not that I have supremely bad self esteem – I mean I certainly don’t posses the world’s greatest self esteem, but I know I’m not a complete dog. My husband seems to think the world of me that’s for sure. Have a look for yourself:

the glory that is meMy real problem I guess is that I can’t see any one feature of myself and think “Oh yes, that’s a pretty nose or ear or elbow” – I can’t really do that for most people because I really prefer the whole package I guess you could say. I suppose I just take the question too literally and get all weirdly morbid and see “body parts” as being bits of flab and gunk… But, so here’s what I do like: My looks fit with my entire being and I dig that. I also don’t think I photograph well at all. Can we call personality traits a feature? Because I like my sense of humor, intelligence, motherly tendencies and cooking skills a great deal, and don’t find anything morbid or gunky about it. I also have great taste in husbands and children and friends. I’m pretty awesome if I do say so myself (and I do).

Okay I hear you hounding me – pick a feature damn it – you must like something of yourself. So I guess I’ll just have to cop out and say my eyes, which you can’t see because they are hidden behind my stellar red frames. Sucks to be you.

So yeah this was quite a bit of fun. I especially liked playing with my webcam at the end, for my best feature pic. You should see some of the other pictures I took, they are hilarious. Okay, okay, don’t beg, I’ll show you a few – geez, all you had to do was ask!


  1. hahaha love the self promotion comment… I too conveniently had my blog up in my picture!! love that i-mac, we have one @ home but I almost never get on that computer anymore since im never home!!
    Anyway awesome post!


  2. And you are quite expressive with a great sense of humor! That is one gorgeous ring! And I am SO putting bedrooms on next week! Sorry no cash forthcoming… πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for coming over to play today!


  3. Aww thanks lady – it’s not every day I get a compliment from someone whose not my husband. πŸ™‚

    And yes, I think my iMac exudes sexiness, in a metal box kind of way.


  4. I’ll pick for ya(not in a sicko stalker way but from woman to woman)- your lips are pretty rockin’- you’ve got a great pout.

    I’m a PC girl myself but that iMac is pretty sexy.


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