I’ve had 29 views today and I haven’t even posted yet. This Real Life meme thing has really taken my blog by storm and I cannot wait until next week to do it again. Not only was it fun, it was the most action my blog has gotten since it was born (or created or typed into?).Now I’m all sweaty with the afterglow of blog action. Okay I’m not sweating at all, but you get the idea.

I’m feeling like now that all you wonderful people are here I may need to up my ante and write something scintillating, but that’s not really my style. I’m just going to bask in the glory of all these hits for a few hours and let you bask in the glory of me basking in the glory of one of the prettiest days we had last weekend, chillaxing at the park with husband, son and son’s friend. So here is your flickr photo friday, another picture of me – this is like the most of me personally you’ve ever seen, huh? My ego must be exploding:

basking, originally uploaded by jennifereggleston.

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  1. Yeah I kind of gave up on Windows machines in general a little over a year ago – I tried Linux first, and found it just didn’t speak my language if that makes any sense.

    So I started using an old iMac my father gave me (the old colored egg shape ones) and we installed OS X on it, which I liked but the poor little computer just wasn’t powerful enough for today’s technology so when we replaced it with this iMac you can imagine I did quite the happy dance.

    I don’t think I could ever go back to Windows now, especially with the crap that is Vista. I don’t care to ever submit myself to that piece of junk.

    And I’m sure you wanted to know all that. 🙂


  2. The Worcester State recommended Dell D630 isn’t quite doing what I ask of it: reliability and power; it offers a pseudo-attempt at most things, but often struggles on those metaphorical inclines. Not much of a “train that could” tale.

    But yes, your PC is something to be attached to.



  3. hahah don’t I know it buddy – but I figured I’d enjoy it for a bit. My camera enjoyed the fun, too. Ever since my husband got his new camera I almost never use mine anymore. It is admittedly way better than mine.

    Um, you can borrow my computer in your dreams. lol. I’m only a wee bit attached to it. 😛


  4. Jen,
    Is this new wave of photos a sign of narcissism? don’t let yourself get too taken in by the visits. As fast as they come, they can go away. The Real Life meme was a good time–I support it.
    I do look forward to the next one.
    P.S. when can I borrow your computer? just like for a few weeks/months.


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