Shameless Plug Sunday: In Which I Blog About Talking About What I Blogged About

You following all that? Okay so really all I wanted to write about is that yesterday was my MIL’s birthday party. We had a blast, took both MLM and Super Bestie who thought the toy train made out of blocks and strange gear moving musical toy thing were awesome – MLM knew of course that these things were old news, and while he played with each a bit, he was more content to run carefree throughout the house in as little as possible.

First he spilled apple juice all. over. his. shirt – there was no going back for that shirt, but it was warm so I didn’t stress… Until he decided he wanted to play in the one room with the AC going at full blast and refused to leave the room – even I was cold – MIL to the rescue!

this shirt was dhs in the 4th grade - it says Its o.k. to be smart! which seems pretty relevent for MLM
this shirt was dh's in the 4th grade - it says "It's o.k. to be smart!" which seems pretty relevent for MLM who is in fact way too smart for his own darned good!

We spent a lot of time in the AC room, dancing to classical music, cause that’s the fun thing to do there – when it’s not playing on the stereo, one of dh’s sisters will play something on the piano – it’s almost impossible to drag them away from the piano, seriously, I think there is some kind of miracle drug pumping through the air of the music room. But I digress, yes we had fun dancing in the AC room. We had fun playing with toy trains and eating ice cream cake. And I had fun randomly throwing out plugs for my blog.

I never intended to be that person – I will not force all my friends and family to read my blog religiously, might even prefer that they did not in case I ever go on a venting spree (so far so good, I think). But I had to share the news about TomTom – I had to! How can I not tell people that I got a brand new $200 GPS for just $65? And then it slipped out, “I wrote about it on my blog. Obviously.”

Then I remember how funny that post was (is it wrong to find myself humorous?) and went on to inform my husband about how TomTom is trans gender. He seemed shocked for a moment, but by the time I finished explaining all of the reasons behind TomTom’s gender, and wrapped it up with, “and that’s why I always refer to TomTom as a he(she) on my blog” he could not contain his laughter. It was a good time I had, talking about my dear old blog – and I figured I’d up the ante of it’s good time-edness by now blogging about the experience.

By the way, we have finally taken dear TomTom on a few trips with us to test out his(her) reliability in navigation and are so far pleased. There have been a few moments of staring in confusion and wondering what the heck we were doing, but when he(she) actually showed us a more convenient and pleasant route to my in laws this weekend, I declared love. And today he(she) very efficiently took us to the beach, in a town we’d never driven to, and we got there without incident and several times found more reasons to love him(her) so as of now, TomTom is certainly here to stay in our family. Have I mentioned recently that I cannot wait for the White Mountains?

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