From now on I will be referring to my son, aka, My Little Monkey as simply My Monkey (MM) – the reason is silly – MLM is apparently an acronym for Multi Level Marketing – aka pyramid scheme businesses – and I keep getting people directed to my website because of it, etc. Anyway MM I’m hoping won’t be as popular – a quick google search tells me it is mostly only used for units of measurement – so I’m hoping with a lack of numbers associated with it, it will be less of a google sore thumb?

I’m toying with the idea of just using nicknames instead of acronyms, but the acronyms are so much shorter and more efficient – what does everyone else think? What do you use if you want to avoid naming names?

2 responses to “Just a Notice”

  1. Jen E Avatar

    I hadn’t thought of it either – but I kept seeing my posts on these weird blogs and websites and it was starting to irritate me…

    And yeah M&M’s are never a bad thing to be associated with. 🙂


  2. Lauren W Avatar

    Sad! Kinda funny… but sad!
    I guess I never really think about the things that I say, and if they could be googled as something else…
    Anyway… if it helps, all I can think of when I see MM is a super short version of M&Ms which isn’t a bad thing to be mistaken for 🙂