Simple Woman's Daybook: Joining Yet Another Bandwagon

I keep seeing this cute meme on other blogs and it looked fun and whatnot, and you know I’m a sucker for a good meme (as you’ll find out soon when I post half a dozen more) – you know I found this meme here and that you should post it on your own blog and all that jazz…

For Today…

Outside my Window…is a view of the “court yard” in the middle of a cluster of apartments in my complex. There is a man doing yard work, and making a lot of noise doing so!

I am thinking… I might be in over my head this weekend but that I intend to love every minute of it, busy and all. 🙂

I am thankful for… good friends, and good family and wish I saw more of them, despite knowing it’s usually my own fault when I don’t.

From the kitchen… Oh dishes that need to be done – I’ll get on that soon I swear – as for dinner tonight? Sorry, no idea. I tend to figure that out when I get in there. I can tell you lunch is likely to be peanut butter and jelly and / or left overs. Fun, huh? Yeah I’m a real gourmet some days… or not.

I am creating… a calendar for next year with pictures of the family, on my iMac – it’s fun and a work in progress. I love making photo gifts and items and love that I can do it right on my computer. It makes up for my complete and utter lack of crafty skills otherwise.

I am going… to be figuring out how to wrap a huge kid’s fold out futon for a birthday party this Sunday…

I am wearing… laundry day pajamas, which are different from normal pajamas only in that it’s imperative that they have pockets, for my keys, phone, timer, etc.

I am reading… Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich – not at this very second, but most nights whenever I get a second to sit down and devour…

I am hoping… to find time for all the wonderful things I’d like to do in the coming month.

I am hearing… someone singing on Sesame Street mingled with the sound of what may be a street vacuum of some kind… and the timer going off to tell me it’s time to attend to my laundry …..

Around the house… is evidence that I am not a tidy person. A rug that needs vacuuming, dishes that need doing, toys that may or may not get picked up today. I know, I’m a great influence.

One of my favorite things… is a good book.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Wrap presents, plan for festivities this weekend, entertain two small toddlers, normal mayhem

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you… of my son and his little bestie…

I told them to high five for the camera... they tried...
I told them to high five for the camera... they tried...


  1. Coffee mugs up to another not very organized person. Great kids….havin’ fun.

    Laundry day pj’s…hummmm, I may have to adopt that idea. Great one.

    I just got done with Dead Sleep by Greg Isles (eh, something close to that. Greg I…..” GREAT READ. Highly recommend it.


  2. Welcome to Daybook. I am so glad someone else is blogging in their jammies. Well, I’m not now, I’ve worked in the yard, bathed and have on white knit pants, pink long sleeved T and white socks.
    Have a happy weekend party.


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