Top 5 Tuesday: Lights, Camera, Action…

I feel the need to mention that “lights, camera, action” is a reference to PackRat on Facebook (aka my obsession – oh I ALSO feel the need to mention Facebook just got a Facelift – go check it out!) and not just a tired cliche – but it’s appropriate and relevant, too! Today is Top 5 Tuesday over at Supernanny Where Are You? and the theme is FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME (imagine that was in a deep echoey voice over kind of voice).

I have no idea how this will work out people, I’m going to make the list here, live, as we go along – I don’t know if coming up with 5 will be hard or if CHOOSING 5 will be torcherous. My inquiring mind wants to know though, so let’s get started…

1) Well, Gone With the Wind has to be on the list – I loved the movie, love the actors and actresses, loved the book when I read it a year after first seeing the movie, which I am now the proud owner of, because my husband loves me and spoils me to infinity and beyond… This movie aught to be a must see, but this comes with a warning that it’s LONG – really, really long. Make sure you have the time to sit down and invest in this and make sure you put disc 1 or side 1 or whatever in FIRST because the second half is very confusing if you haven’t seen the 1st half, but you’ll feel compelled to then watch the 1st half and follow it with the 2nd half again just to be sure you followed everything properly and by then you’ll be exhausted and talking funny and developing an eye twitch – so DON’T do that – watch it in the proper order it was intended, okay?

2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Audrey Hepburn is still probably my all time favorite actress and this movie is just stunningly terrific – I still  think of it all the time, whenever I see a Tiffany’s jewelry store I get that strange little feeling and suddenly do agree that things feel a little bit better when standing in proximity to such an incredible jeweler. Their love story enchants me – her character is far more relateable than it should be. I suspect several old boyfriends have had their share of feeling like “Fred”, I mean Paul Varjak. And the cat, oh how I feel sorry for that cat. ::sobs into an invisible tissue; wipes hands on pants; I mean, uh, moving on::

3) hmmm now I’m struggling – do I name another classic or think of something modern? It should be a movie I’d never contest to watching “again” – oh I know – Phantom of the Opera – the newest with Andrew Lloyd Webber and the stunning Emmy Rossum as Christine. The music in this movie is just haunting and beautiful and whenever I hear a bit of it or think of it, I fall into a trance that won’t end until I’ve seen the movie again. I really aught to get my hands on the soundtrack one day, because it’s partly the music that gets me, moreso than the movie itself, but the movie is brilliant regardless. ::sigh sans long tangent::

4) Robin Hood: Men in Tights – I like pretty much any Robin Hood movie but this one I’m mildly obsessed with and despite knowing it’s supposed to be kind of a farce, I still think it was the best one ever made. Cary Elwes may not be the only Robin Hood, but he does speak with a wondrous English Accent and wins my school girl heart every time. I adore him, in no uncertain terms (Honey, if you are reading this, he’s kind of old now, and there’s no reason to pick up a baseball bat and hunt him down. Really. Please stop). Anyhoo, I love a  good comedy and this one is excellent from beginning to end, and I can pretty much quote it from there to there also.

5) Okay I’m going to resist the urge to post Biodome as my number five, because even though I can quote that from beginning to end also, it’s no longer something I’m really all that proud of and I’m sure I’ve seen better movies (although I do kind of think that’s saying something – it wasn’t that bad!). And I guess following that same comment, perhaps Elf doesn’t really fit the bill either. I could go with Pirates of the Caribbean, which was wonderful, but I’m just not sure… Shrek of course is excellent and I love Sword in the Stone… But I think I’ll end with one of my son’s favorite movies that despite probably 800 viewings of now, I still adore and my husband and I have almost definitely memorized. Curious George – another Will Ferrell movie that also features Drew Barrymore, Dick Van Dyke, Eugene Levy and David Cross and, and just awesomeness galore!! The music by Jack Johnson is just perfect and wonderful – the visuals in the movie are so perfect for little kids, so bright and colorful – the whole movie, in my mind, is a masterpiece – where every angle was truly studied, observed and perfected. It fits the bill. It wins (at least the #5 ranking).

Speaking of which, I was gonna do this whole train of thought thing and then reorganize them by ranking, but looking over this, I think my brain did that for me – it looks pretty accurate. So there you go – I’m sure I forgot some classic movie that I adore and may kick myself later, but being a top 5, this looks like a list I can live with. Of course I’ve loved other movies and I know there are others that would be fitting and deserving here, but as of today, Tuesday the 22 of July at 9:35 am – this is probably an accurate portrayal of my favorite 5 movies of all time as of right now.

Want to go on your own tangent / fill out your own Top 5 movies on your own blog? Make sure you go to Supernanny Where Are You? and post a link to your entry on Mr. Linky. And then broaden your horizons by checking out all the other entries! It’s fun! If you don’t have a blog, you can still play along by putting your list in a comment below and also on Supernanny Where Are You‘s post, since this is really her little brainchild. Ew, that sounds kind of gross. I’m gonna end this post now before I embarrass myself.

3 responses to “Top 5 Tuesday: Lights, Camera, Action…”

  1. Jen Avatar

    I LOVE Gone With the Wind. There is just so much to love about this movie. It is long, but it is so worth the watch. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a funny one. I pretty much didn’t really love it as I was watching it and then the end just made it all worth it. I really want to see Phantom. I’ve never seen the show or the movie.


  2. Anne Avatar

    oh yes gone with the wind, I just sat down and watched that the other day cause I had nothing going on


  3. Dana Avatar

    Hey Jen, thanks for playing! You have a bunch of movies I haven’t seen. Actually all of them but one. I think I did see Men in Tights, but man it’s been a long time. I guess I need to join Netflix and enjoy some rentals!