HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Curious George Aloha Friday Pumpkin Patch Style

So today is the big day. Halloween. I’ve been very excited about Halloween this year especially because we decided to make my son’s costume – I am no seamstress and had never thought we’d be that family until my husband learned he is ridiculously good with a sewing machine – apparently it’s all numbers and equations in his mind but his stuff – it comes out good. He can knit, too. And bake bread. I know. Are you done giggling? Point is, my son’s costume is amazing and looks like it could be store bought in my humble opinion. Pictures soon I promise. So here’s the itinerary for my son’s third Halloween, in which he will make his debut as The Man In The Yellow Hat:

I’ll be Professor Wiseman thanks to my father’s wife’s mother who got me hooked up with a fancy shmancy lab coat, which is pretty much the only part of my costume and probably nobody will get it, but just trust me when I say, Professor Wiseman, she rocks. It’s gonna be awesome. Or legen…dary. You know, whatev. Oh right, itinerary:

3:30pm: Arrive at hubby’s place of business to steal him away, using cute kid in costume as a distraction for his bosses.

4:30pm: Arrive at the in-laws to show off said cute kid and take a quick walk of the neighborhood, because it’s one of those weird neighborhoods where all the neighbors know you and care and want to see you.

5pm: Find dinner? Wendys?

5:30pm: Go to my dad’s house to show off cute kid AGAIN and rest our laurels for 2.5 seconds.

6:30pm: Arrive in ye old town of Rutland for Main Trick or Treating Event. Visit one aunt, one grandmother and one great aunt while in town.

7:30pm: Head to Bestie’s (mom of SB) new apartment for a par-tay of sorts, sort candy, steal any inappropriate candy and drink soda and eat junk food.

?pm: Arrive home too late with cranky sugar high toddler and then tell him he has to go to bed and can’t wear his costume. Endure screaming and shrieking for far too long until we all pass out.

Fun huh?

So, anyway let’s get down to business shall we? You know, Aloha Friday business.

This week my question for you is:

Do you love or loathe Halloween? What are your plans for tonight?

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More Random Rambling

  • My grandmother and aunt came to visit me today! I feel like I haven’t seen them in ages – I hope it hasn’t really been that long. MM was so excited, I let him stay up late before “napping” so he could spend time with them. He showed them all his best toys and modeled part of his Halloween costume for them. I might be able to borrow a lab coat from my grandma so I can be Dr. Wiseman for Halloween – she has to see if she still has any, she’s gotten rid of a lot of those things but it’s a maybe!!
  • And we’re trying to work out a day to see them more regularly but for lunch instead of dinner like we used to. This seems more practical to me so I hope it works. My grandma kind of raised me for many years while my dad was working those long single parent days and my aunt? She’s some kind of awesome. I could go on and gush but I’ll spare you. I think you get the idea.
  • I still really want to leave the state but sometimes it’s days like today that make me remember all the things I’ll miss. I’ll miss having family nearby to spend time with and share the many phases of MM with. But I won’t miss the outrageous cost of living. Not one little bit.
  • Oh and I got off my arse and worked out today! More on that when I’ve done a bit more of the DVD but for once I think I’ll have a positive review! Woohoo! MM liked it, too, but I think he liked Cinderelmo better! But really, can you blame him? That was one cute movie!

Things I Love Thursday: Getting Stuff for Sort of Free: My Amazon Visa

This is my first attempt at a Things I Love Thursday, but I just wanted to share with you that I love, love, love my Amazon Visa Credit Card for one major reason – I know you’ve all probably heard of / used a credit card that gives you rewards points, maybe from a store you frequent. My father used to use a Harley Visa, his wife has an LL Bean – but I always think, “How much Harley stuff can you actually buy?” My Amazon Visa gives me Amazon GC’s for every 2,500 points I rack up I get a $25 GC – and use them, I do. You may have heard of my book obsession? Well that’s not the only thing I use the GC’s for – does anybody remember when I got a new TomTom GPS for $65 thanks to Amazon GC’s? Because I do, and I’m still so excited about using it for our trip to the White Mountains this September.

Right now I’m currently waiting for a package from Amazon.com paid entirely in GC’s – here’s what I’m getting:

  • Snack Time (Barenaked Ladies Kid’s CD): Which is so perfect for my husband and I – we don’t always agree on music but one band we both love is Barenaked Ladies – we are big fans of their Christmas CD considering the music on that disc better than most traditional Christmas music by far, so we are avidly looking forward to this children’s CD – did you know all the members of BNL are dads? Fun fact of the day.
  • Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles [Live]: I adore John Mayer – I saw him in concert a few years ago and since then every summer I think, “Why aren’t I seeing John again this year?” Maybe this CD will help with my live JM cravings…
  • Curious George – Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things: One of my two favorite things are travel and Curious George. I keep renting movies for MM on Netflix looking for some great movie that will catch his interest but so far he still likes watching shows like Curious George on PBS best, so I thought it might be wise to invest in a DVD with various CG shows so we can watch it at times of the day other than 7:30am-8:30am and 4:30pm-5:30pm. I’m sure he’s very excited.
  • Classic Cartoon Favorites – Best Pals – Mickey and Minnie (Vol. 10): When we rented Sword in the Stone (a movie dh and I adore, so we were willing to risk it boring him for own fancy), his favorite part of the whole movie was the extra shorts in the bonus section, featuring classic Mickey cartoons with a jousting / fighting theme. So I thought I’d continue helping him become cultured by getting a disc of Classic Mickey cartoons. This one looked nice, so here we are.

Anyway, point is – I love buying things from Amazon but it could get expensive if I didn’t reign myself in. Thanks to my Amazon visa, I have a sort of excuse to get some great books, music, movies and more sans guilt. It’s like shopping sprees but almost free. It’s the big silver lining to the months when we spent more than we should have. And I highly recommend it (And no, Amazon and Chase did not pay me to write this – they in fact have no idea I’m writing this at all – it’s just my advice from one over spending momma to another).

Do you have something you LOVE that you’re just dying to share with others? If you write up a post on your blog be sure to link up to the Diaper Diaries and see what other people are loving, too!

Top 5 Tuesday: Lights, Camera, Action…

I feel the need to mention that “lights, camera, action” is a reference to PackRat on Facebook (aka my obsession – oh I ALSO feel the need to mention Facebook just got a Facelift – go check it out!) and not just a tired cliche – but it’s appropriate and relevant, too! Today is Top 5 Tuesday over at Supernanny Where Are You? and the theme is FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME (imagine that was in a deep echoey voice over kind of voice).

I have no idea how this will work out people, I’m going to make the list here, live, as we go along – I don’t know if coming up with 5 will be hard or if CHOOSING 5 will be torcherous. My inquiring mind wants to know though, so let’s get started…

1) Well, Gone With the Wind has to be on the list – I loved the movie, love the actors and actresses, loved the book when I read it a year after first seeing the movie, which I am now the proud owner of, because my husband loves me and spoils me to infinity and beyond… This movie aught to be a must see, but this comes with a warning that it’s LONG – really, really long. Make sure you have the time to sit down and invest in this and make sure you put disc 1 or side 1 or whatever in FIRST because the second half is very confusing if you haven’t seen the 1st half, but you’ll feel compelled to then watch the 1st half and follow it with the 2nd half again just to be sure you followed everything properly and by then you’ll be exhausted and talking funny and developing an eye twitch – so DON’T do that – watch it in the proper order it was intended, okay?

2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Audrey Hepburn is still probably my all time favorite actress and this movie is just stunningly terrific – I still  think of it all the time, whenever I see a Tiffany’s jewelry store I get that strange little feeling and suddenly do agree that things feel a little bit better when standing in proximity to such an incredible jeweler. Their love story enchants me – her character is far more relateable than it should be. I suspect several old boyfriends have had their share of feeling like “Fred”, I mean Paul Varjak. And the cat, oh how I feel sorry for that cat. ::sobs into an invisible tissue; wipes hands on pants; I mean, uh, moving on::

3) hmmm now I’m struggling – do I name another classic or think of something modern? It should be a movie I’d never contest to watching “again” – oh I know – Phantom of the Opera – the newest with Andrew Lloyd Webber and the stunning Emmy Rossum as Christine. The music in this movie is just haunting and beautiful and whenever I hear a bit of it or think of it, I fall into a trance that won’t end until I’ve seen the movie again. I really aught to get my hands on the soundtrack one day, because it’s partly the music that gets me, moreso than the movie itself, but the movie is brilliant regardless. ::sigh sans long tangent::

4) Robin Hood: Men in Tights – I like pretty much any Robin Hood movie but this one I’m mildly obsessed with and despite knowing it’s supposed to be kind of a farce, I still think it was the best one ever made. Cary Elwes may not be the only Robin Hood, but he does speak with a wondrous English Accent and wins my school girl heart every time. I adore him, in no uncertain terms (Honey, if you are reading this, he’s kind of old now, and there’s no reason to pick up a baseball bat and hunt him down. Really. Please stop). Anyhoo, I love a  good comedy and this one is excellent from beginning to end, and I can pretty much quote it from there to there also.

5) Okay I’m going to resist the urge to post Biodome as my number five, because even though I can quote that from beginning to end also, it’s no longer something I’m really all that proud of and I’m sure I’ve seen better movies (although I do kind of think that’s saying something – it wasn’t that bad!). And I guess following that same comment, perhaps Elf doesn’t really fit the bill either. I could go with Pirates of the Caribbean, which was wonderful, but I’m just not sure… Shrek of course is excellent and I love Sword in the Stone… But I think I’ll end with one of my son’s favorite movies that despite probably 800 viewings of now, I still adore and my husband and I have almost definitely memorized. Curious George – another Will Ferrell movie that also features Drew Barrymore, Dick Van Dyke, Eugene Levy and David Cross and, and just awesomeness galore!! The music by Jack Johnson is just perfect and wonderful – the visuals in the movie are so perfect for little kids, so bright and colorful – the whole movie, in my mind, is a masterpiece – where every angle was truly studied, observed and perfected. It fits the bill. It wins (at least the #5 ranking).

Speaking of which, I was gonna do this whole train of thought thing and then reorganize them by ranking, but looking over this, I think my brain did that for me – it looks pretty accurate. So there you go – I’m sure I forgot some classic movie that I adore and may kick myself later, but being a top 5, this looks like a list I can live with. Of course I’ve loved other movies and I know there are others that would be fitting and deserving here, but as of today, Tuesday the 22 of July at 9:35 am – this is probably an accurate portrayal of my favorite 5 movies of all time as of right now.

Want to go on your own tangent / fill out your own Top 5 movies on your own blog? Make sure you go to Supernanny Where Are You? and post a link to your entry on Mr. Linky. And then broaden your horizons by checking out all the other entries! It’s fun! If you don’t have a blog, you can still play along by putting your list in a comment below and also on Supernanny Where Are You‘s post, since this is really her little brainchild. Ew, that sounds kind of gross. I’m gonna end this post now before I embarrass myself.

T13: The Letter of the Day is C

Header Image by Amy @ Tales from Creekistan

The Letter of the Day is “C”

1. Curious George – was one of my favorite kid’s PBS shows before MM even garnered an interest in the cute curious monkey that is now one of his two (2) favorite “celebrities” (Elmo being the other obvious favorite). I wonder sometimes if I forced this favorite upon him, but I’m going with the whole “the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree” theory instead. I have since bought him a C.G. storybook and now every night he asks me to read him “George” which really just means read him a bedtime story in general, but he calls them all George…

2. Chocolate – Is my undoing – any diet sounds well and fine until you mention me cutting back on chocolate – seriously? Isn’t pretty much any meal improved with the introduction of chocolate in some form? Except maybe corn on the cob, but seriously other than that, why torture me?

3. Corolla – my main mode of transportation is my trusty green Toyota (my husband drives a marginally trustworthy red Toyota Camry that is pretty much on it’s last leg so to speak) Corolla – it got me through the second half of college and has continued with us since – it doesn’t look as pretty now that three slobs practically live in it (that includes me, but I’m not as bad as MM or DH) – I like my car a lot, but it’s getting a bit cramped already – when Baby #2 is born it might need to hit the road jack…

4. CR-V – by Honda is ironically one of my next choices (if not, then a Toyota Matrix, but that doesn’t begin with a C so it’s not really relevant) – we’re not sure which we’ll go with for out next vehicle – depends on cost of gas, size of family, etc. but we are digging on the CR-V in many many ways.

5. cheesecake – Not being much of a cake person, I frequently have cheesecake on my birthday instead – my wedding cake was a baklava cheesecake – delicious and so me. I’m kind of picky about my cheesecake but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want a high end cheesecake – and I don’t have a problem with things being cheesecake flavored, etc. – it just has to taste good – maybe that doesn’t mean picky, maybe it just means I don’t like crap… hmmm…

6. Crossword puzzles – I love word puzzles, like crossword, but I’m not always great at them – in fact, I’m usually the opposite of great and I have a tendency of cheating and looking up words I’m struggling with, justifying that I’m still enhancing my vocabulary which is kind of the whole point, right? Right??

7. Church – I was baptized a Protestant and even went to a Sunday school preschool – but that’s mostly because it was a good form of “daycare” – my family is not overly religious – it’s not something we’ve ever stressed. But growing up I saw how important religion was to others and constantly felt a need to have a part of that – to find my religion, whatever it was. I tried on Catholicism for awhile, toyed with the idea of Baptists, and then came to a strange truth – I don’t believe in organized religion – I don’t see any way of having complete certainty one way or another and I think ostracizing others for not following your beliefs is silly and wrong. I think spirituality should always be a personal thing, because in a lot of ways we’re just fantasizing – we all have our own unique way of seeing things and that’s great – why start killing and fighting over the differences when the differences are what make us human? I don’t know what waits for me in the afterlife, but I’m pretty sure this is the only life I’m getting and that I should appreciate it and live it in every way I’m capable of. Be good to others, all that jazz.

8. Christmas – I always seem to do Christmas wrong – I either wait too late and feel stressed, or start too early and burn myself out before I get there. I have a love hate relationship with Christmas music and the commercialism of the holiday and I’m not sure what I want out of Christmas ultimately – where I want to go, how much or how little I want to do. I love Christmas, adored it as a child despite being born on Christmas Eve and having every right to loathe it – but I’m still getting to know it, inside of my new family. Part of me still wants to believe in Santa, despite several proven points to the contrary.

9. Cookies – I am a cookie baking master. It’s like that one thing I excel at – I am baffled by how poorly other people make cookies. I’ll admit, I don’t necessarily cook it from scratch and I don’t make many varieties as I tend to only bake cookies I like to eat, but when I make them, they’re good. I have an excellent track record. So I may not be a world class chef, but I do have my certain areas I kick ass in.

10. Creative Writing – I call myself a writer, some days, when I feel the need to define who I am and how I exist outside of motherhood, although the truth is I am far more a mother than a writer. I don’t write much these days, outside of this blog, but I do love to write. Poetry is probably my favorite, but I write sad love poetry the best and being married, don’t have much ammunition. I would love to write fiction but have a problem with follow through – I have more half started stories than I care to think about, and may not ever finish any of them. But I still love to write almost as much as I love to read.

11. Classical Music – has never been my thing, but not because I’m not cultured or whatever – for one, I really like words – I’m a writer, guys, a lack of words is like a lack of the whole point for me. My husband is the exact opposite – if the music isn’t really good, it doesn’t matter how good the lyrics are, he probably wasn’t listening to them anyway. This baffles me – I have no musical background and outside of personal preference wouldn’t recognize good music if it fluted me up the – my point is, it’s all about the lyrics for me – I love clever little details in a song – unique ways of saying something, even if it’s only unique vocally, I dig it. I get excited about music and musicians. But I don’t think I’ve ever gotten excited about classical music.

12. Cutting my bread at Subway – Okay, I’m stretching here, but gosh sometimes 13 is a big number – so if any of you are old school Subway veterans I think you know what I’m getting at here – a few years back they started cutting their bread straight down the middle, rather than carving out a top and bottom – does that make sense? Well for all you cold cut sandwich people this might not have seemed like a big deal – but my favorite sub is the meatball – which is now crazy messy and ridiculous to eat thanks to their lazy cutting methods of late. For awhile I could get by, asking them to cut it “the old way” and the guys behind the counter would nod and smile and confide they prefer the old way also. We had a camaraderie, it was good. But these new subway employees have no brains – they were born yesterday and clearly never ate at Subway before gaining employment there – or I’m really that old and nobody remembers the old way anymore, but ugh. Even the service went downhill from here – and I’m a stickler for good customer service – I dated a Subway employee once because he had such great work ethic, new my orders by heart, cut my bread the old way, and okay so he probably had a crush on me and did all this on purpose, but REALLY – have I mentioned it was my husband’s work ethic that also first attracted me to him? Seriously?

13. Customer Service – and because I can’t change the subject when I’ve beat it into the ground in a bloody pulp – seriously? What is with poor customer service? Don’t stand there looking bored and complaining about oh woe is you – this is your job people – it’s how you earn your living – take some pride in it! I don’t care if you flip burgers – at least make an attempt to flip the best damned burgers in the place – that is how you rise above, people, it’s how you get a raise, a promotion – it’s how you go from Christmas help to Children’s Manager at the local bookstore. I should know. I’ve worked in retail on and off for nine (9) years and I’m serious – customer service is the bread and butter and I have no respect for people with a sloppy work ethic – if you don’t like your job, get another one – stop wasting my time – stop pouting and grow up.

So – who’s still planning to read my blog in the future? haha Sorry if I went off the deep end on what was supposed to be a light hearted, care free T13 meme of the Thursday. I promise to be nicer tomorrow. 🙂

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