Things I Love Thursday: Getting Stuff for Sort of Free: My Amazon Visa

This is my first attempt at a Things I Love Thursday, but I just wanted to share with you that I love, love, love my Amazon Visa Credit Card for one major reason – I know you’ve all probably heard of / used a credit card that gives you rewards points, maybe from a store you frequent. My father used to use a Harley Visa, his wife has an LL Bean – but I always think, “How much Harley stuff can you actually buy?” My Amazon Visa gives me Amazon GC’s for every 2,500 points I rack up I get a $25 GC – and use them, I do. You may have heard of my book obsession? Well that’s not the only thing I use the GC’s for – does anybody remember when I got a new TomTom GPS for $65 thanks to Amazon GC’s? Because I do, and I’m still so excited about using it for our trip to the White Mountains this September.

Right now I’m currently waiting for a package from paid entirely in GC’s – here’s what I’m getting:

  • Snack Time (Barenaked Ladies Kid’s CD): Which is so perfect for my husband and I – we don’t always agree on music but one band we both love is Barenaked Ladies – we are big fans of their Christmas CD considering the music on that disc better than most traditional Christmas music by far, so we are avidly looking forward to this children’s CD – did you know all the members of BNL are dads? Fun fact of the day.
  • Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles [Live]: I adore John Mayer – I saw him in concert a few years ago and since then every summer I think, “Why aren’t I seeing John again this year?” Maybe this CD will help with my live JM cravings…
  • Curious George – Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things: One of my two favorite things are travel and Curious George. I keep renting movies for MM on Netflix looking for some great movie that will catch his interest but so far he still likes watching shows like Curious George on PBS best, so I thought it might be wise to invest in a DVD with various CG shows so we can watch it at times of the day other than 7:30am-8:30am and 4:30pm-5:30pm. I’m sure he’s very excited.
  • Classic Cartoon Favorites – Best Pals – Mickey and Minnie (Vol. 10): When we rented Sword in the Stone (a movie dh and I adore, so we were willing to risk it boring him for own fancy), his favorite part of the whole movie was the extra shorts in the bonus section, featuring classic Mickey cartoons with a jousting / fighting theme. So I thought I’d continue helping him become cultured by getting a disc of Classic Mickey cartoons. This one looked nice, so here we are.

Anyway, point is – I love buying things from Amazon but it could get expensive if I didn’t reign myself in. Thanks to my Amazon visa, I have a sort of excuse to get some great books, music, movies and more sans guilt. It’s like shopping sprees but almost free. It’s the big silver lining to the months when we spent more than we should have. And I highly recommend it (And no, Amazon and Chase did not pay me to write this – they in fact have no idea I’m writing this at all – it’s just my advice from one over spending momma to another).

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4 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: Getting Stuff for Sort of Free: My Amazon Visa”

  1. Ames Avatar

    Awesome! I’ve been thinking about changing my credit card to something that gives me better rewards, this is definitely a contender now 🙂


  2. Brooke Avatar

    nice! 🙂 i have a card with cash back bonuses, so i feel obligated to use the $$$ for savings.


  3. Jen E Avatar

    Oh yes, you really must. 🙂


  4. thediaperdiaries Avatar

    Ah, you just reminded me that I have an Amazon gift certificate sitting unused in my inbox. Must go get BNL CD!!