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  • My grandmother and aunt came to visit me today! I feel like I haven’t seen them in ages – I hope it hasn’t really been that long. MM was so excited, I let him stay up late before “napping” so he could spend time with them. He showed them all his best toys and modeled part of his Halloween costume for them. I might be able to borrow a lab coat from my grandma so I can be Dr. Wiseman for Halloween – she has to see if she still has any, she’s gotten rid of a lot of those things but it’s a maybe!!
  • And we’re trying to work out a day to see them more regularly but for lunch instead of dinner like we used to. This seems more practical to me so I hope it works. My grandma kind of raised me for many years while my dad was working those long single parent days and my aunt? She’s some kind of awesome. I could go on and gush but I’ll spare you. I think you get the idea.
  • I still really want to leave the state but sometimes it’s days like today that make me remember all the things I’ll miss. I’ll miss having family nearby to spend time with and share the many phases of MM with. But I won’t miss the outrageous cost of living. Not one little bit.
  • Oh and I got off my arse and worked out today! More on that when I’ve done a bit more of the DVD but for once I think I’ll have a positive review! Woohoo! MM liked it, too, but I think he liked Cinderelmo better! But really, can you blame him? That was one cute movie!

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@ Sues2u2 : This is the first time I’ve worked out in over a week so I’m not exactly an expert on motivation. I decided with the dvd sitting here, it’d be wasteful of me to not even try it…


Crap! I miss a few days & now I have tons of reading to do! Lol! Love the photos of the little man. He’s soooo cute. I really miss all of those before school starts ages. (we just went to p/t conf.)

Good for you for doing the dvd. Now will you help me to get started too?


@ Andrea : yeah that is the worst, isn’t it? In the perfect world, we’d all move to another state together. :/


I know I for one would miss you like crazy if you left the state. Ugh, but the worst part about being a friend is I have to say “You need to do what you need to do and I will be here for you no matter what”


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