Dear Diet, I'm Just Not That Into You

I know I should be working out right now to the pilates DVD that just came in the mail, but I’m so excited because I just found out that I won the anti-diet from Carol @ Siswick Construction Zone! We’re talking 2,855 yummy delicious calories in the form of new ultra healthy-ish Cadbury Chocolate Bars. Perhaps the cranberries and apricots thrown into that yummy chocolatey mix will make up for the aforementioned yummy chocolate? Still, how can I think about trivial things like waist lines and my health when I know this will be coming in the mail for me soon:

In an effort to not go completely crazy, I am now drinking my second glass of water for the day. I know that isn’t remotely impressive but it’s better than having theΒ  glass of Egg Nog that I really want or the peanut butter cookies we made yesterday which came out sooooooo good! No, instead, I’m only having a glass of water. But when that prize comes in the mail, I can’t promise to continue in my good behavior. Sorry.

And THANKS Carol!

9 thoughts on “Dear Diet, I'm Just Not That Into You

  1. @ jean : I’m pretty excited. I’d kind of forgotten that there was a chance I could win these giveaways – you know after you don’t win enough of them you figure, “I probably won’t win but whatever,” and I’d forgotten I’d entered this one until I got that email saying I’d won! Now I’m counting down the days until chocolate. πŸ™‚


  2. @ Patrice : that is so true – and I’ll probably share some of it, which makes it even healthier!


  3. Congrats!! Don’t think about the calories! Just think about all the happiness it will bring you! I don’t know about you, but chocolate totally puts me in a better mood!


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