The Cookie S’More: Camping’s New Best Friend.

I’m not sure when I first heard about the cookie s’more or if it was just a flittering whisper of genius in my brain one day, but it’s our new favorite camping recipe that you guys all need to know about. The truth is: There is nothing complicated about making a s’more – it’s aContinue reading “The Cookie S’More: Camping’s New Best Friend.”

St Pattys Day Project #2: Spring Cookies To Share

After lunch the kids and I made sugar cookies with light green frosting and some pretty, Spring colored sprinkles. Okay, if we’re going to be honest, this wasn’t my shining moment in Baking With the Kids, but they did come out pretty and MM did help with some pouring, frosting and sprinkling in between meContinue reading “St Pattys Day Project #2: Spring Cookies To Share”

The Easiest, Most Delicious Cookie Recipe In The Universe… I Swear!

This post was originally published in January 2009. I’m republishing it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet because I made these cookies tonight and they are so delicious, I needed to share the love with all of you – because everybody needs to devour these cookies at least once, but preferably often. My friendsContinue reading “The Easiest, Most Delicious Cookie Recipe In The Universe… I Swear!”

Christmas Cookie Exchange: Mistletoe Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

You can go to Jan’s blog to find more delicious recipes in the Christmas Cookie Recipe Exchange! * * * * * This recipe is one I remember seeing year after year at my grandmother’s house growing up and it’s very simple. Just make basic peanut butter cookies but instead of pressing it with aContinue reading “Christmas Cookie Exchange: Mistletoe Peanut Butter Cup Cookies”

Dear Diet, I'm Just Not That Into You

I know I should be working out right now to the pilates DVD that just came in the mail, but I’m so excited because I just found out that I won the anti-diet from Carol @ Siswick Construction Zone! We’re talking 2,855 yummy delicious calories in the form of new ultra healthy-ish Cadbury Chocolate Bars.Continue reading “Dear Diet, I'm Just Not That Into You”

In Other News…

I really want to bake peanut butter cookies but I’m worried that would be the epitome of further sabotaging my diet. But I saw this great recipe in Parents Magazine which only needs peanut butter, sugar & an egg – I have all those things! And don’t you think my adorable two year old wouldContinue reading “In Other News…”

Thursday 13: Making My List, Checking It Twice

I won’t tell you if I’ve been naughty or nice, but I will tell you the thirteen things I wouldn’t kick out of my Christmas stocking this year… My reasons for wanting a DS are so eco-savvy that you really can’t judge – no, I don’t just want to play video games, I want toContinue reading “Thursday 13: Making My List, Checking It Twice”

T13: The Letter of the Day is C

The Letter of the Day is “C” 1. Curious George – was one of my favorite kid’s PBS shows before MM even garnered an interest in the cute curious monkey that is now one of his two (2) favorite “celebrities” (Elmo being the other obvious favorite). I wonder sometimes if I forced this favorite uponContinue reading “T13: The Letter of the Day is C”