• I really want to bake peanut butter cookies but I’m worried that would be the epitome of further sabotaging my diet. But I saw this great recipe in Parents Magazine which only needs peanut butter, sugar & an egg – I have all those things! And don’t you think my adorable two year old would enjoy making cookies with his momma… I know I could give some cookies away, but that involves going out, which I’m hoping not to do until the weekend. By then they’ll be long gone.
  • I just ordered our Christmas cards from Walmart’s photo website. I am not always the biggest Walmart fan but I do love their photo products and their prices seriously cannot be beat. I made our 2008 calendar there and it came out great! I’m using my iMac to make next year’s calendar, because it means I can use iPhoto which is just easier and only a few dollars more expensive. Holiday cards really aren’t cost effective via iPhoto though so thank god for Walmart! I say the same thing, btw, when I need new clothes. Apparently only Walmart understands my body type. I’m not sure what that says about me… Do you guys like Walmart or are you strictly Target Types? Or other?
  • I’ve had four glasses of water today (the big TALL glasses) and had trail mix for a snack with MM – so even though I haven’t exercised today I’m still feeling pretty proud of myself and super healthy – I lost 3 pounds last week doing nothing so maybe doing a teeny tiny something this week will help the trend to continue?
  • I also organized MM’s toys while he was napping, trying to instead of stashing things in two huge crates and rotating, keep all the crates out at once and organize the toys so that stuffed animals are here, cars and trucks and planes are here, etc. So far I think it’s working well but we’ll see. I really don’t want to have to get rid of toys but Christmas is fast approaching. Still I think we’ll see what kind of loot we get before we go hastily getting rid of (although to be fair, none of his old toys are gone, they are just in boxes in our bedroom, which would prefer we not bring more boxes into).
  • The Halloween costume is ALMOST time. I bought dh a new sewing machine this weekend (apparently our old one only did ONE stitch, how lame is that? The new one only does 16, but he says that’s a world of difference and that it does all these other cool things, too. Please don’t tell him I’m betraying his manliness again by telling you all of this, but I love it. If he gets really good at this sewing thing he can teach me how to do some of it. But you know he’ll just do a better job. Meanwhile … I blog like nobody’s business? I’m sure I’m good at something. So he does the sewing, makes homemade breads, pizzas and anything else he puts his mind to and he’s a genius. I’m… good at spell checking. Usually.
  • This may or may not be the only random bullet points post I ever make. Usually I try to reign it in and make one topic per post, but I wanted to just talk for awhile, like in a diary or something and just get it out a bit. Without continuing to cry about my dead hamster and lack of pregnancy. You understand right?

8 responses to “In Other News…”

  1. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Nancy : haha ok deal 🙂


  2. Nancy Avatar

    Well, I guess I can let it slide. Just don’t let it happen again. And Wal-Mart does have a better toy department.


  3. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Nancy : Normally I’m a Target girl myself, there are just a couple of areas where I prefer – when I was skinnier, I liked Target’s clothes better, but they don’t seem to get my current body type and for whatever reason Walmart does and I can afford it. And I like their photo department. After that, I pretty much prefer Target. Still be my friend?


  4. Nancy Avatar

    I’m all about the random, bulleted posts, sometimes you just have to write everything on your mind in one shot.

    Oh and I have to say I am a Target girl. I only go to Wal-Mart when it’s absolutely necessary (or more convenient). Maybe we can’t be friends in real life…


  5. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Amanda : One is an overlock stitch (this is the only stitch our old machine did), four are zig zag stitches (of varying widths) that you can sew stretchy fabric with (if you stretch something sewn with overlock, the threads break because they have no room to stretch), there is a blind hem stitch, which lets you make a hem with no stitches showing (if you know what you’re doing, which I don’t yet), a few zig-zag-double-bar… dunno what to call them, they’re very strong, and still stretchy, and then a few decorative stitches (which don’t really matter).

    The other cool thing is the automagic buttonholer — you line it up, insert a button, flip a few switches, and hold down the pedal until it stops sewing 🙂

    So, Amanda, it sounds like it does some of the pretty hemmy things that your embroidery machine does, but I really wanted this so it would sew stretchy fabrics without losing their stretch. The buttonholer is amazing, though.

    (from the dh)


  6. Amanda Avatar

    so…i make clothing for a living…and my machine only has one stitch….what do you do with 16 stitches? I’m confused because I make lots and lots of things with my machine…but I’m sure I’d be making all kinds of new super fun things if I had more stitches…I mean, I have an embroidery machine for embroidery and pretty hem details…and I’m looking into an overlock/serger…

    what the hell are these 16 stitches? I’m going to go google happy looking this one up!


  7. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Jean : I was just comparing the recipe to my old standard in Better Home & Garden and can’t believe how many ingredients they cut out. Now I have to try it out just to see if all that added stuff is necessary. I’m all about simplifying.


  8. Jean@workingmomma247 Avatar

    I’m all about the random. Sometimes a girl just has to brain dump. Sadly I’ve probably done it to much lately.
    I have made those PB cookies with that particular recipe. Their fabuloso and very rich!