DIY: Making homemade labels for our spice jars.

We’ve been storing our spices in a couple of cardboard boxes pretty much since the day we moved into our first apartment all those years ago. It started with one box and as our cooking skills grew we added another box – one for baking and one for cooking basically. But the boxes were impossibleContinue reading “DIY: Making homemade labels for our spice jars.”

It's Real Life: Store It: In The Kitchen

This week’s It’s Real Life photo meme is all about kitchen storage… Can you hear me grumbling with dismay from where you’re reading? My kitchen is kind of like my least favorite room in the apartment because we can never seem to live inside its means. We like stuff and have a good bit ofContinue reading “It's Real Life: Store It: In The Kitchen”

Thursday Thunks: Random But FUN

This week’s Thursday Thunks was brought to you in part by Berleen @ StraitJacket Mom. The election is over… what do you think? A lot of things and not much at the same time. I’m hopeful for the future and proud of this moment in history, but thanks to my dh I’m also cautious andContinue reading “Thursday Thunks: Random But FUN”

In Other News…

I really want to bake peanut butter cookies but I’m worried that would be the epitome of further sabotaging my diet. But I saw this great recipe in Parents Magazine which only needs peanut butter, sugar & an egg – I have all those things! And don’t you think my adorable two year old wouldContinue reading “In Other News…”