It's Real Life: Store It: In The Kitchen

This week’s It’s Real Life photo meme is all about kitchen storage… Can you hear me grumbling with dismay from where you’re reading? My kitchen is kind of like my least favorite room in the apartment because we can never seem to live inside its means. We like stuff and have a good bit of it and not nearly enough room to store it all. From first glance I think my kitchen is cute – it has that tacky retro 70’s look that I can be weirdly proud of because it’s mine… but at your second and third glance you’ll notice it’s crowded, cluttered and seems to have a permanent filth that no amount of scrubbing, vacuuming and praying can seem to ease.

But this is REAL LIFE so I’m showing it to you anyway! How’s that for bravery? Let’s begin before I change my mind:

We keep our Tupperware under the sink which has recently recovered from a big yucky leak – we had to have the faucet and stuff replaced and yeah the bottom of the cupboard is sagged and stained but I scrubbed it to sanitary cleanness and all is well even if it looks nasty. I like my little spinny rack of stackable Tupperware – so well thought out and I use the heck out of them! Mostly I just love that they always get put away nicely and never look like a hodge podge pile like that pile next to it.

The cleaning supplies are in the middle drawer of the cabinet next to my refrigerator, held shut with a child safety latch that MM still hasn’t figured out luckily. I know it looks like a mess in there, but I swear it’s organized to an extent and all those sprayers are turned to OFF to prevent leakage – so far so good.

Above my fridge is, well, seemingly everything – a little wooden toy truck that MM broke and dh is in the process of fixing / gluing back together, our battery supply, dh’s “tool cabinet”, glue, extra bowls, pitchers, platters, etc. The entire top of all of our cupboards is used for extra storage – bring clutter up, right?

I have a real spice rack – fancy, pretty, full of spices I never use – this is where I keep the spices that I DO use – I found a shoe box and re purposed it into a Spice Box, which lives in one of the upper cabinets with more food – everything spicy in one easy place to search through, and they don’t fall over when I move things.

This is the cabinet where I keep our dishes – I’ve redesigned the organization method in here a dozen times and I’m pretty happy with this one, for now at least – those drinking glasses are semi new and I had to redesign the whole set up when we got them to make them fit properly – I can fit all but one glass which means that I need to always have one glass being used for everything to seem like it fits, which usually isn’t a problem anyway – someone here is always drinking something (usually the eternally thirsty me).

The silverware drawer – Fitting all of our silverware in here is not as easy as you’d think but the drawer is very narrow and I can’t fit a larger utensil holder in here so it makes due. I just recently had an “ah ha” moment where I thought to turn half the forks sideways and half up right to make everything fit better.

Here’s another mish mash of stuff that we try to fit in the kitchen – chopper grinder thingy, other chopper mincer thingy, strainer and mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and all my snackage and miscellaneous stuff. There is a little wire shelf in there that the bowls and sugar jar, etc. are sitting on allowing me to store things under nearth it, too – which I do.

Here are a lot of our basic appliances – microwave, food scale, coffee maker, George Forman Grill, toaster, knife block, our other spice rack, a jar of spatulas (there is a bigger jar with our other big utensils on the stove and even MORE hanging on walls – I told you we have a lot of stuff) and last but not least the awesome hand / stand mixer we got at Kohls last night for $50 – I don’t know how we made it fit, but I’m happy it’s here.

We keep our cookbooks on an invisible bookshelf on the wall (bookshelf bought at The Container Store – love them). I have a few others on counter tops and scattered about but this was one of my favorite strokes of genius in this apartment – we have a couple in every room.

Well that’s about it – my kitchen storage “solutions” in real life. This was kind of painful, but in a way better than I thought it would be. And now I kind of want to go scrub my kitchen from top to bottom…

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9 thoughts on “It's Real Life: Store It: In The Kitchen

  1. Your kitchen looks so much like our last kitchen in military housing! Are you sure that you don’t live on some military post?

    I Never would have thought to put the cleaning supplies in a drawer. Awesome solving technique!


  2. You fit an amazingly lot in there! I’m impressed. I love that invisible shelf. What a good idea! And switching 1/2 the forks around–also quite clever. I think we have the same coffee pot! You do a good job of making what you have work–thanks for sharing w/ us!


  3. @ Tiaras and Tantrums : Seriously it breaks my heart that our kitchen is considered big for an apartment in this area – it’s no where NEAR big enough!


  4. What a cool tour! I have never seen anyone store their cleaning supplies laying down in a drawer. I would be worrying about leakage and I would check it daily…LOL! I totally know what you mean about a small kitchen. Looks like you have yours set up for what works best for you and that is what organization is all about.


  5. @ Jean : My Tupperware won’t fit anywhere except under the sink (the big tall roundy thing) and I didn’t want to have dig behind one for the other so I moved the cleaning supplies. It isn’t perfect but it works.


  6. First of all I wanted to say I HAVE THE SAME STAND MIXER! I love it! It’s not a Kitchen Aid but it works for me. Plus what Kitchen Aid do you know can also be a hand mixer? 🙂

    I find it interesting that you put the cleaning stuff in a drawer. I always put mine under the sink.

    Oh the days of retro small kitchens. Your kitchen looks all to familiar, as mine was just like that only a short 2 months ago. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 months.


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