Thursday Thunks: Random But FUN

This week’s Thursday Thunks was brought to you in part by Berleen @ StraitJacket Mom.

  1. The election is over… what do you think? A lot of things and not much at the same time. I’m hopeful for the future and proud of this moment in history, but thanks to my dh I’m also cautious and planning for the future. I voted for Obama, dh voted for McCain – time will tell who made the right decision. Best case scenario – I’m proud to be an American and looking forward to lunch. Worst case scenario – I researched the requirements for immigrating to Canada last night. It’s surprisingly easy – a lot of work, but still, easy. And no, I’m not really seriously planning it, it was just a random discussion we got into over a joke, but then the nerds that we are we had to go and figure out the proccess and research so that the next time someone makes a joke about moving to Canada we can be all, “Oh there’s an immigration office in Buffalo, have you filed the paperwork yet?”
  2. Tell us about a snowman. We built our first family snow man this March. It was very cute and dh and MM had a blast building it. We put dh’s baseball hat on it and took a picture. It was gone within days.
  3. What brand of ketchup do you buy? Either Heinz or Trader Joes brand, depending on what store I’m in when I need ketchup. I love the easy squirt bottle by Heinz. But I also love Trader Joes in general.
  4. Do you use a cookbook? Cookbook, online recipe searches, magazine recipes – I get my recipes from a lot of sources, but try to print anything not in a cookbook for my personal files. Admittedly, I’m not the most organized of cooks – I kind of have eight different set ups for things and have a hard time following through with any of them.
  5. Do you blow-dry your hair or let it air dry? Air dry – I don’t think I’ve blow dried my hair more than five times in my life. Except at the salon, they do it so well, why fight it.
  6. When was the last time you were sick? Like Ange, it seems like I’m always sick, but rarely sick enough to get anything out of it. I just get to say ::cough cough:: I’m sick ::cough:: and then go about my day.
  7. What is the strangest letter of the alphabet? I’d have to go with W because sometimes it’s an M and when my 2 year old son says it out loud it could also be an elephant or apple juice. Pretty strange.
  8. Who was the last person you bought a present for? What was it? Will you buy me one? Well tie between my son and my brother in law because I bought them on the same day, same place. A bit of early Christmas Shopping – we got MM the Shrek trilogy on DVD and my BIL a make your own rootbeer kit. I know that might sound lame but it looks very cool and it’s right up his alley. And when he opens it, I’m probably going to say, “Why is he drinking all that soda?” and I’ll laugh and laugh and you won’t understand why unless you are my husband or one of my sisters in law, but trust me, it’s hysterical. Will I buy you a present? Sure, but by *buy* I mean, I will give you this: If you have voted anyway. Otherwise, hands off. Sorry bestie.

  9. Why are we ending at 9 questions? Don’t we always end in nine questions? I haven’t been doing this long and I have a terrible memory sometimes, but I’m pretty sure. Let’s see. There are eight letters in Thursday so that probably isn’t it… Um maybe whoever made this decided 13 was too many?

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thunks: Random But FUN

  1. @ Amber : Oh trust me, we likely won’t do it – this is like a “if the world ends” kind of thought, which I highly doubt it will, but I humored my husband and looked into it anyway, so I actually know all about the paperwork, etc. Thanks for the comment though – I know immigration is a serious deal, it’s not just a road trip you know, it’s your life. And I personally hope I never have to worry about it at all. I just feel this weird need to be prepared for literally anything.


  2. word of advice is you EVER plan on following through on Immigrating to Canada (I have to admit I’m with Andrea on this one) do ALL of your paperwork from the USA BEFORE you cross the border otherwise it could take year as opposed to weeks, or months.


  3. Sooo many comments on this one. I’ll clump them all here… this does not go in order with your question numbers.

    1) Screw immigrating to Canada, let’s go to England and give our children and husband those adorable accents. Or maybe France or Italy. I’d be happy there too. Unless you want Germany. I suck at the accent but I’d bother if it was for you!

    2) I always miss out on the good stuff. I voted in my heart, but I know it doesn’t count. Too bad!!

    3) One of these days can I go to Trader Joe’s with you? I’ve never been and it just feels right everytime you talk about it. Like it’s an important place that I need to go to!


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