Being Kreativ Makes My Happy, So Does Winning Awards…

I was just awarded the other Kreativ Blogger Award – not to be confused with the Kreativ Blogger awards I got last month, this one comes from Tasha Via @ Afraid of Falling. The rules for this award are different, too. Upon receiving it I get to name 6 things that make me happy and then pass the award on to 6 bloggy friends. Ready? Let’s get started…

6 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Weekends with my son and husband, taking it easy, embracing quality time as a family without the chaos of the outside world.
  2. Moments of brilliance that my son gives me – those little bits in the day where you think, “My gosh when did you learn that?” or “How did I get this lucky?”
  3. Similar moments with my husband – he’s the best man I’ve ever known and makes me happy just by being in my presence.
  4. Finishing a good book or twelve.
  5. A warm, beautiful, unexpected day – like lately, now in November, when you step outside not sure if you should be wearing a winter hat and gloves or shorts – I love the days when shorts win, or even just a light sweater, and the air is crisp and the world is calm.
  6. Traveling – visiting new places, getting away from the mundane, experiencing new cultures and realizing how big this world is, and how small you are in comparison.

And now the 6 Kreativ bloggers that I’m awarding

Six fellow bloggers who make me very happy…

Jean @ Working Momma 247, Scrappy @ Four Seasons Farm, Amy @ Thoughts From The Mrs, Jessica @ Farm Fresh, Sues2u2 @ My Musings, Jen @ Our Daily Big Top.

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