momma changes her blog design a lot

If you are reading this from your Google Reader (which I applaud) you might consider popping over to my site for a minute to check out the new design (yes another one, I do realize there is something wrong with me), really just a new header with a snazzy new button to go with it. The button is possibly less snazzy than the header. And I suppose I’m mostly just hoping the header is snazzy because I made it, so please don’t be too harsh on me.

I love the concept. I got to thinking awhile back about what my blog means, what the name means and how I would picture that visually to come up with a header design that really resonated with my blog. I loved the header that my friend Amanda @ Funkepunkemonke made for me but I still felt that my blog image was incomplete, not quite right, not quite me. Pretty, but not me.

So what does mommablogsalot mean? I mean I think it’s pretty obvious. My old catch phrase was “changes thru the ages, she blogs through all the stages” which was cute. I pictured having a little evolution time line with my son as a little “monkey boy” evolving from one end of the header to another, but then thought, “I’ve only been blogging for about 6 months, not much evolution has happened yet.” Which is fine. Years from now maybe that header idea will be perfect. But not yet.

Then I thought about the simple idea that I blog a LOT. That a day can go by sometimes and I might find myself blogging in the morning, afternoon, evening or anytime in between. I pictured a blog header that was like a clock face with various images on any side of it that would happen then. Then I thought, “That would be an ugly cluttered mess.”

I tried to decide if my blog should have little cartoon people. A lot of your blogs do and I think they look so awesome but one blog I’m always loving is Daily Mish Mash which does not have a person in the header and I kind of admire that in a weird way. Her blog looks awesome and chic and so pretty without a lot of hooplah. It just is. Because her blog is just awesome. And fairly self explanatory. I think my blog is kind of similar in that it just is, and the advantage of not having people in the header is that I can’t draw people. I mean stick figures sure, but let’s not resort to that just yet, right?

So I decided to compromise with my ideas and play around in Gimp and the header above was my end result. Do you like it? Do you GET it? My husband helped with the moon because at one point I was trying to freehand that on the computer and I’ll freely admit it wasn’t pretty. I love my little catch phrase “definition” up there because well one, it’s true and two, I think it kind of explains and doesn’t explain at the same time. It just is. True. And I love the definition bit because I’m a lame-o English Major.

So what do you guys think? Is this good? Should I fork over my money to the professionals or even go back to Amanda’s design? I don’t want anyone to think it was that I didn’t appreciate or like the old header, I did, it’s just, you know you get this vision in your mind and you just need to try and show and explain that somehow. So I took a chance. I hope you like it. And me, or rather, my blog. No really, me. LIKE ME.

Okay, fishing for compliments = over. As you were.

6 responses to “momma changes her blog design a lot”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    I don’t know if I emailed you with my infatuation with your new layout header and button! I already changed your button on my blog to make it match and I love seeing it there. This totally suits you. One of these days I should learn how to do something like this myself. Or give in and finance someone to do it for me. Either way, good job Momma!! I might bug you on Saturday (cause I’m hopefully coming!) on how to do this.


  2. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Nancy : Ok so I just looked up prolific to find out if you were insulting me haha. Nope just stating the obvious. 🙂 I’m so happy you like my blog and I totally get what you are saying. 🙂 Get out of that corner lady, I rarely get compliments so I’m gonna make the most of this little moment – we could totally be friends in “real life” 🙂

    Thanks again, I’m off to gloat to my husband!


  3. Nancy Avatar

    I like it! I even clicked out of Google Reader to check it out. I’m constantly changing my blog theme so I know your pain.

    I just wanted to tell you I love your blog, even if you are a bit prolific. 🙂 I don’t normally read the blogs of people I don’t know in real life (or through one of my many email groups and message boards) – I think, why do I care what this person has to say? But you’re funny and intelligent without being glaringly obvious that you’re trying to be funny and intelligent. When bloggers try too hard, it shows. Basically you seem like someone I would be friends with outside of the internets so I keep coming back.

    Ok I’ll stop gushing now and go hide in my corner.


  4. Patrice Avatar

    I like it! I think it’s really cute! I love the definition, cute idea! If you like it, go for it!


  5. mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Rochelle : thanks!


  6. Rochelle Avatar

    I like it better.