A Time For Change

I was getting kind of bored with my old layout and have been toying with the idea of hopping on the double sidebar bandwagon so I went perusing themes and came across this little beauty, then I tooled around in Gimp for awhile and made a new header. I swear I like each header IContinue reading “A Time For Change”

Tis The Season For A New Look

Let’s just accept the fact that I’ll be trying new looks on this blog constantly, especially now that I’m starting to learn my way around Gimp – this one is just for the holidays, but like my Christmas Tree, don’t be surprised if it lingers post-holidays until it’s pathetic that I’ve still got it upContinue reading “Tis The Season For A New Look”

momma changes her blog design a lot

If you are reading this from your Google Reader (which I applaud) you might consider popping over to my site for a minute to check out the new design (yes another one, I do realize there is something wrong with me), really just a new header with a snazzy new button to go with it.Continue reading “momma changes her blog design a lot”