I’d Like You All To Meet My HERO

So you all probably know about my header dilemmas – I’m always designing a new one – well my fabulous friend Amanda @ funkepunkemonke designed me a header – she’s a wiz at stuff like that – anything crafty and she’s on it. What do you think? ::twirls::

5 responses to “I’d Like You All To Meet My HERO”

  1. gina Avatar

    I was just going to comment on it- I noticed it as soon as I clicked over- it’s very nice! I love your sidebar layout(how you break down your blog links!) too!!


  2. Meg Avatar

    its cuute!


  3. Susan Avatar

    It looks great!


  4. Jen E Avatar

    @ Jen : yeah same here for sure. definitely better than anything I was doing. 🙂


  5. Jen Avatar

    Very pretty! This is my favorite one so far.