Finishing What I Started: Vacation Photos

Well picking up where I left off (or um, where MM left off…) here are the rest of the pictures from our vacation… This will show pictures on the road, at the hotel and at Storyland…

The wading pool at the hotel was literally like 1 foot deep, maybe less – perfect for my little not quite swimming 2 year old. This was probably about as deep as his bathtub is filled so he was feeling rather confident and had a blast.

We were somewhere along the Kankamagus Highway, looking at a basin I think and I stopped and took a picture of MM… I just love how this shot came out, don’t you?

Another shot from the same stop – hubby took this of the two of us. Don’t mind the mess that is my hair.

The Kankamagus has all these great little “scenic view” rest stops set up just for taking pictures. We did a lot of landscape shots, but I also tried to get pictures of US, too.

This is self explanatory, right?

How can you resist pictures of a toddler in a teeny house that’s just their size? I love these two shots of him playing in the “cupboard” and looking out theย  window at us. He kept flirting with girls when they came in the house – that was cute, too.

His aunt’s are like piano playing professionals (really) – I know they’d be proud of this picture. He loved this piano something fierce.

But this door here? This “3 4 shut the door” display, was literally where we spent half the trip. We could not tear him away from this “just my size” door. Much to my dismay…

Um, I just want the Bloggess to know, if she’s reading this, I totally took this picture for her. Actually I had my husband take it. And yes, Bloggess, I told him the story. He’s a big fan of your blog, too, btw.

(Yes I know she probably won’t read this. That’s okay. I’m only crying on the inside I swear…)

He picked out this little completely unrelated to Story Land pirate ship out himself. It was his favorite part of the trip. For real.

This was my favorite part of the trip. Chocolate has never tasted so good.

Okay I was going to post landscape pics, but now I’m worried those will be boring to anyone who wasn’t there – unlike the pictures of my kid – those were riveting, right? But if anyone is like, “Aw man, I totally wanted to see all the pictures of the rocks and trees you saw,” just say the word and I’ll totally post them. K?


  1. I remember going to Storyland when I was a kid. This would have been in the mid-late 1950s. I took my children there as well – it looks spruced up – memories, memories. Thanks for posting.


  2. looks like a fun, fun trip! your son is adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚ i like pics of beautiful landscapes as much as the next person, but i was really hoping for pictures of chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚


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