A Time For Change

I was getting kind of bored with my old layout and have been toying with the idea of hopping on the double sidebar bandwagon so I went perusing themes and came across this little beauty, then I tooled around in Gimp for awhile and made a new header. I swear I like each header I make better than the one before – someday I might actually be good at this! Anyway, take a look around, enjoy the new layout (while it lasts), and if you have any constructive criticism (you know, something other than, “Boy you suck at life,”) feel free to share and I’ll try not to be offended and take it into consideration. πŸ˜›

Oh and if you are coveting this theme, it’s called WhitePlus and was developed by Militaru.

10 thoughts on “A Time For Change

  1. This is awesome! I love how you’ve put up the two side columns & the colors are great. I agree about you doing a tutorial; I know that you emailed me those ideas long ago but… can you say “computer challenged”?


  2. @ Jean & Jen : That’s a good idea – might take me awhile to write up something well though! It’s one thing to stumble around, beg your husband for help and slowly figure it out – and another thing altogether to try to explain it to someone else! haha


  3. I like it a lot! Very simple. I really like the header you seem to be coming along very well with the gimp and making up to where I’m slacking off. Maybe you could show us (me) some stuff you’ve learned. πŸ™‚


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