Looking Fine 2009: Week 8

Sorry I bailed on you guys last week and totally neglected posting. If you must know I lost .5 pounds last week – which is absurd because like 4 or 5 of those days prior involved me walking, for various reasons, for so long and so far that I should have lost 50 pounds just as a thank you to my legs.

LAST week I decided diets were for losers and that exercise was for skinny people. Last week I broke every rule in the book. I baked and ate like a ton of cookies. I had dh buy my favorite potato chips. There was ice cream and soda and FUN times basically. I don’t know how much water I drank because I didn’t care. And I didn’t exercise once. It was awesome.

Now, to be fair, last week I got my period. Which means last week I found out I still wasn’t pregnant. And last week my hamster died. Last week I had to babysit SB 4 days in a row, 3 of those days from noonish until 9ish. And I couldn’t exercise any of those days because naptime (when I normally work out now to avoid being laughed at by a two year old – it’s not really an incentive so much as a way of making you want to hide under the covers that aren’t there because it’s not bedtime) now involved a three year old kid “sleeping” in the living room who I could wake up with my antics of jiggling. Not that they napped, because apparently they’ve both decided naptime is for lame-os. I know, it’s a cop out – but, did I mention my hamster dying or the period?

Are you ready for the best part? I lost three pounds. Not dieting rocks. The potato chips were delicious. The cookies? I might make some more. Now before you go yelling at me, I’m back to my water rations and the potato chips are gone (and I won’t be buying more) and as soon as Netflix recieves the movies I returned they should be sending out a Pilates DVD and any day I don’t have a second kid around I’ll be working out. Just as soon as my period is gone. Because I’m pretty sure lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Or something.

Anybody else lose any weight for no apparent reason? Or did way better than lame-o me? Or worse? Can we play the game of whose life sucks more, cause that’s always fun! I’m all ears…..


  1. @ Amanda : MY HAMSTER DiED… haha sorry that’s all I’ve really got. 😛 Sorry about the wipeouts. 🙂


  2. can we play the game of whose life sucks more, cause that’s always fun! I’m all ears…..

    I bought roller skates because I’m doing the roller derby this year. I wiped out at the bottom of the hill near our house because I tried to stop with the brakes like a dope when I could have just coasted to a stop. I didn’t really get hurt…but then I fell down my basement stairs because I didn’t take my socks off first. I fell right on the same spot that I wiped out on…and now my butt feels like a burglar hit me with a baseball bat.

    beat that.


  3. @ Jen : Yeah I’m thinking there was some kind of crazy luck on our sides this week. God said, “Sorry your hamster died Jen, but here, have some less weight.”

    I’ll definitely let you know how the DVD is!


  4. It sounds like the scale gods were in a very forgiving mood last week!

    Although I didn’t gain any weight, I do feel like my clothes are fitting tighter again. To me, that is the biggest motivator. So, it is back to the exercise again.

    Good luck with your goals. Let us know how you like the pilates workout.


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