Aloha Friday: Getting Active

It’s time for another Aloha Friday, the day that you take it easy and look forward to the weekend, in Hawaii and blog land anyway. As you should know by now, over at An Island Life, Kailani decided that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting and ask a simple question for youContinue reading “Aloha Friday: Getting Active”

The Things I Want To Teach Her

Apparently I’m having a baby. I mean, I know I’m having a baby but you know sometimes it just sort of occurs to you like you maybe hadn’t really really realized it before? That comes in waves for me, this understanding that in a couple months I will be a mother of two. That I’llContinue reading “The Things I Want To Teach Her”

Taking The Good With The Bad has a great article up called 25 Good Things About Bad Times – the silver linings to be found in this bad economy are there if you look for them. We’ve certainly had to lately. While I’ve had plenty of stress to deal with lately, money worries and a world just waiting to changeContinue reading “Taking The Good With The Bad”

KMBFBAG: Week Something

I really have nothing to say. Sometimes this seems like the weirdest challenge choice for me ever. I’m doing fine. I haven’t gained or lost anything significant to mention. I’m fine. I’m drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables and mostly staying within my calorie limit. My cravings are starting to get harder to ignore butContinue reading “KMBFBAG: Week Something”

Weekend Diversions: The Blogiversary Special

In honor of my 1 Year Blogiversary, this week’s Weekend Diversions will all be somewhat blogging themed. They aren’t quite as divertive as usual, but they are cool. And it’s my party, I  can do what I want to. First order of business is to avoid being productive and see which celebrities are on TwitterContinue reading “Weekend Diversions: The Blogiversary Special”

Bump Report: 20 Weeks

I’ve officially hit the halfway mark in my pregnancy! According to, the top of my uterus is about level with my belly button, and I’ve likely gained around 10 pounds (I’ve gained somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds but I think that’s fine since I’m over weight). They say I can expect to gainContinue reading “Bump Report: 20 Weeks”

KMBFBAG: Week Four

I gained 2 pounds this week. I’m saying that with excitement. At about 19 weeks pregnant, this is the first week that I’ve gained weight in this pregnancy. I assumed it would be coming soon and 2 pounds seems terribly reasonable. Now, to be fair, I could have gained two pounds from a very deliciousContinue reading “KMBFBAG: Week Four”