KMBFBAG: Week 8 (I think)

With all the changes going about in my life right now that I have no control over, it’s nice to have one area where I’m still the boss – my good ole’ diet (said with sarcasm). Actually, I am doing awesome, if I do say so myself. Still no weight gain or loss – my doctor is tickled pink with me and assures me that my stomach and baby are growing at just the right pace. My husband, friends and family are all telling me how great I look and (here’s the best part) way back when I bought two pairs of maternity pants – one fit me comfortably, the other a bit snugger but passable, unless I tried to wear them all day, then I’d be one suffering momma. Those pants? Fit way better now – no pain, all the benefits of a fabulous fitting pair of pants. And the slightly more comfortable pair, to be honest, are getting a bit too big. Oh to have my problems, right? 😛

I still feel over weight sometimes, particularly when trying to get out of a chair or roll over in bed, but I mean, duh, I’m pregnant – and while the rest of me is shrinking, the belly gets bigger every day. All baby. I know, I’m gloating – but darn it, I’m doing awesome! Remembering all the weight I gained with my first pregnancy I’m just so proud and so thrilled to know that I won’t have all that awful weight to lose a second time. I can’t wait to see what size I am after this baby is born and seriously – I still get to eat dessert at night and have my indulgences – this whole thing is just miraculous. It’s all math with all benefits in my mind. Benefits being these super hot jeans that I’m wearing.

How are your diets going?

6 responses to “KMBFBAG: Week 8 (I think)”

  1. Krystyn Avatar sounds like things are going really weel!


  2. Andrea McMann Avatar

    Go Jen! Maybe you’ll be one of those lucky ladies who has to buy SMALLER pants post-partum! 😀


  3. vivienne Avatar

    Well done Jen, that is fabulous. I know how hard it is to keep your weight steady when pregnant. I wished I had tried as hard as you. I am nearing my 1 and 1/2 stone mark. Yay me!


  4. Sues2u2 Avatar

    *woot-woo*! Way to go, momma! You should be super proud & gloat away. Not anything better than to be able to fit in something that was a little snug.

    Are you ready for a big laugh? I joined WW this last week & darned if I’m not a little concerned that I’ve gained weight this week! Good thing I’m laughing now ’cause come weigh in time I might be crying. *grin* Tomorrow will be better. That’s my goal.


  5. Jean Avatar

    You are doing awesome! I seriously am so proud of you, you hot preggy momma you!


  6. Jen @ Stuff Jen Says Avatar

    Congratulations, Jen! I don’t think I had a single OB appointment in which my doctor didn’t glare at me when she saw how much I gained since I had seen her a month before. You SHOULD be proud of yourself!