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tbt: Halloween through the ages.

With tomorrow being Halloween I thought it would be fun to go through pictures from the kids’ Halloween past. Fun for me at least. This task proved harder than I expected because ALL of my 2009 October pictures had literally vanished from my computer – no idea why. And in my 2010 October folder I found no pictures of BB’s costume at all. Luckily I dug deep into the Mommablogsalot Archives and found what I was looking for (and saved them to my computer!) – hurray! How’s that  for blogging power?

So without further adieu, let’s start at the beginning:

2006 : MM’s First Halloween

halloween 2006

MM the Pumpkin and his parents, the Pumpkin Farmers

2007: His second Halloween

Halloween 2007

We went to a little Halloween party with friends – if it isn’t obvious, MM is the little lion.

2008: Halloween Take Three

Halloween 2008

Our Dan’s first attempt at a homemade costume, MM is the Man in the Yellow Hat.

2009: Our First Halloween as Parents of Two

2009 her first Halloween

In keeping with tradition, BB was a Pumpkin – in a ballerina tutu of course

2009 Halloween Costume

This year MM was a Firefighter – we took the kids Trick or Treating at the Zoo!

Halloween 2010: Matching Costumes Begin

Halloween 2010

We went trick or treating with neighborhood friends! MM was Mickey Mouse.

BB's Halloween 2010

BB was Minnie Mouse but this is the only photographic evidence I have of that. When she wasn’t crying she was tucked into a baby carrier sleeping soundly.

Halloween 2011: A hiatus from matching costumes

Halloween 2011

For her third Halloween BB was a sweet kitten and her brother was Woody from Toy Story

2012: A Whovian Halloween

the Doctor & Amy

Meet the Doctor and Amelia Pond: If you understand this picture, we are besties now.

2013: In Which MM Regenerates

halloween 2013

Last year MM regenerated in reverse from the 11th Doctor to the 10th. BB wore two different costumes last year – photographed above she was Rapunzel.

DSC_5950But on Halloween night she was a Mermaid Princess. Obviously.

Also, this happened.

On (or after?) Halloween 2014 you will meet The Astronaut (the obvious transition really) and The Fairy Princess. I know you are waiting with baited breath.

What are your kids dressing up as this year?

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WW: Mr Pumpkin Head Meets Man In The Yellow Hat

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Coming Attraction: The Man And The Monkey

The Following PREVIEW has been approved for all audiences by the cute kid preview critic

Awesomer Than Possomer
Content may cause viewers to squeal with delight.
May contain:
Abuse of the color yellow
& more cuteness than you can handle.

Coming Soon to a near you

In Blog Readers November 3, 2008

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: Curious George Aloha Friday Pumpkin Patch Style

So today is the big day. Halloween. I’ve been very excited about Halloween this year especially because we decided to make my son’s costume – I am no seamstress and had never thought we’d be that family until my husband learned he is ridiculously good with a sewing machine – apparently it’s all numbers and equations in his mind but his stuff – it comes out good. He can knit, too. And bake bread. I know. Are you done giggling? Point is, my son’s costume is amazing and looks like it could be store bought in my humble opinion. Pictures soon I promise. So here’s the itinerary for my son’s third Halloween, in which he will make his debut as The Man In The Yellow Hat:

I’ll be Professor Wiseman thanks to my father’s wife’s mother who got me hooked up with a fancy shmancy lab coat, which is pretty much the only part of my costume and probably nobody will get it, but just trust me when I say, Professor Wiseman, she rocks. It’s gonna be awesome. Or legen…dary. You know, whatev. Oh right, itinerary:

3:30pm: Arrive at hubby’s place of business to steal him away, using cute kid in costume as a distraction for his bosses.

4:30pm: Arrive at the in-laws to show off said cute kid and take a quick walk of the neighborhood, because it’s one of those weird neighborhoods where all the neighbors know you and care and want to see you.

5pm: Find dinner? Wendys?

5:30pm: Go to my dad’s house to show off cute kid AGAIN and rest our laurels for 2.5 seconds.

6:30pm: Arrive in ye old town of Rutland for Main Trick or Treating Event. Visit one aunt, one grandmother and one great aunt while in town.

7:30pm: Head to Bestie’s (mom of SB) new apartment for a par-tay of sorts, sort candy, steal any inappropriate candy and drink soda and eat junk food.

?pm: Arrive home too late with cranky sugar high toddler and then tell him he has to go to bed and can’t wear his costume. Endure screaming and shrieking for far too long until we all pass out.

Fun huh?

So, anyway let’s get down to business shall we? You know, Aloha Friday business.

This week my question for you is:

Do you love or loathe Halloween? What are your plans for tonight?

For more information on Aloha Friday and a list of other participants, head over to An Island Life.

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I Thunk I Can, I Thunk I Can…

This week’s Thursday Thunks is all about Halloween, childhood, popcorn & toothpaste. And other stuff, too, but seriously if you need to know more than that, just read my darned post. Geez.

  1. Would you let your children go Trick or Treating at Michael Jackson’s house? Probably not. I plan to go trick or treating with my children (my son is only 2 this year, so we haven’t had much experience with it yet) and I certainly don’t want to meet Michael Jackson or fly to wherever he lives, so I’m thinking we’ll skip it.
  2. Did you eat paste and/or glue as a child? No, is this something that’s common? I thought it was kind of like having eaten paint chips as a child.
  3. Look at the wall to your right, what is on it? lots of pictures, a shelf with more pictures and figurines and my son’s toy tool bench.
  4. Do you put butter and/or salt on your popcorn? I really only like kettle corn which I tend to buy in bags so I don’t add anything to it.
  5. What does your favorite coffee cup look like? It’s sitting right in front of me at the moment, actually, white with red polka dots and  the inside rim reads, “Whoever smiles first wins.”
  6. What was your favorite Halloween costume? Nothing specific comes to mind. I’ve almost always been some variation of a witch or similar. I was a cowboy one year which was very fun and at a time in my life where I could wear brown pleather pants, so that’s always exciting and unlikely to ever happen again.
  7. Toilet Paper – hard, soft, extra soft? Are there really people out there who like hard toilet paper? What does that even mean? Basically cheap non-soft I’m guessing? I like it as soft and durable as possible please. Oh and if it could be inexpensive, that’d be great, too.
  8. Have you ever rescued/taken in a stray animal? My dad and I have taken in a couple of stray cats, but it’s not something we are in the habit of. Most of his recent cats have been from the local animal shelter in our neighborhood – my husband’s family tends to get their dogs there also and we’ll probably go there for our first non-hamster pet, if we are still in the area because all the pets we’ve known from there are wonderfully good tempered animals.
  9. Name 3 things you want your kids to learn before they grow up. (if you don’t have kids, feel free to skip this one or add your own twist to the question) I just answered this question in seriousness on Tuesday, so today I’ll go for a bit sillier response. 1) I’d like him to learn to use the potty. 2) If he could learn to properly say elephant and W that would be great. Although Ap-oh-booze is pretty funny, it sounds like apple juice and not really like elephant or W at all. 3) He really aught to learn the difference between a hug and a kiss soon, less he be considered the world’s hugest liberal flirt in the nation.
  10. Pick one of the Thursday Thunk players and say something about them. Well my bestie Ang @ Red Knows How introduced me to Thursday Thunks so it’s only fitting I choose her. I’ll refrain from simply writing, “something about them,” even though that’d be pretty funny, she deserves oh so much more than that. Red, you are one of my very besties. I love that we can talk constantly or only once a year and our friendship never suffers for it. I love that our friendship isn’t frail like so many others, not at risk constantly for hurt feelings or “how comes” – that it’s real and durable to the changes of time. I hope we can be old ladies together, even if we are nowhere near each other (though it would be awesome if we were not far away then).
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More Random Rambling

  • My grandmother and aunt came to visit me today! I feel like I haven’t seen them in ages – I hope it hasn’t really been that long. MM was so excited, I let him stay up late before “napping” so he could spend time with them. He showed them all his best toys and modeled part of his Halloween costume for them. I might be able to borrow a lab coat from my grandma so I can be Dr. Wiseman for Halloween – she has to see if she still has any, she’s gotten rid of a lot of those things but it’s a maybe!!
  • And we’re trying to work out a day to see them more regularly but for lunch instead of dinner like we used to. This seems more practical to me so I hope it works. My grandma kind of raised me for many years while my dad was working those long single parent days and my aunt? She’s some kind of awesome. I could go on and gush but I’ll spare you. I think you get the idea.
  • I still really want to leave the state but sometimes it’s days like today that make me remember all the things I’ll miss. I’ll miss having family nearby to spend time with and share the many phases of MM with. But I won’t miss the outrageous cost of living. Not one little bit.
  • Oh and I got off my arse and worked out today! More on that when I’ve done a bit more of the DVD but for once I think I’ll have a positive review! Woohoo! MM liked it, too, but I think he liked Cinderelmo better! But really, can you blame him? That was one cute movie!
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In Other News…

  • I really want to bake peanut butter cookies but I’m worried that would be the epitome of further sabotaging my diet. But I saw this great recipe in Parents Magazine which only needs peanut butter, sugar & an egg – I have all those things! And don’t you think my adorable two year old would enjoy making cookies with his momma… I know I could give some cookies away, but that involves going out, which I’m hoping not to do until the weekend. By then they’ll be long gone.
  • I just ordered our Christmas cards from Walmart’s photo website. I am not always the biggest Walmart fan but I do love their photo products and their prices seriously cannot be beat. I made our 2008 calendar there and it came out great! I’m using my iMac to make next year’s calendar, because it means I can use iPhoto which is just easier and only a few dollars more expensive. Holiday cards really aren’t cost effective via iPhoto though so thank god for Walmart! I say the same thing, btw, when I need new clothes. Apparently only Walmart understands my body type. I’m not sure what that says about me… Do you guys like Walmart or are you strictly Target Types? Or other?
  • I’ve had four glasses of water today (the big TALL glasses) and had trail mix for a snack with MM – so even though I haven’t exercised today I’m still feeling pretty proud of myself and super healthy – I lost 3 pounds last week doing nothing so maybe doing a teeny tiny something this week will help the trend to continue?
  • I also organized MM’s toys while he was napping, trying to instead of stashing things in two huge crates and rotating, keep all the crates out at once and organize the toys so that stuffed animals are here, cars and trucks and planes are here, etc. So far I think it’s working well but we’ll see. I really don’t want to have to get rid of toys but Christmas is fast approaching. Still I think we’ll see what kind of loot we get before we go hastily getting rid of (although to be fair, none of his old toys are gone, they are just in boxes in our bedroom, which would prefer we not bring more boxes into).
  • The Halloween costume is ALMOST time. I bought dh a new sewing machine this weekend (apparently our old one only did ONE stitch, how lame is that? The new one only does 16, but he says that’s a world of difference and that it does all these other cool things, too. Please don’t tell him I’m betraying his manliness again by telling you all of this, but I love it. If he gets really good at this sewing thing he can teach me how to do some of it. But you know he’ll just do a better job. Meanwhile … I blog like nobody’s business? I’m sure I’m good at something. So he does the sewing, makes homemade breads, pizzas and anything else he puts his mind to and he’s a genius. I’m… good at spell checking. Usually.
  • This may or may not be the only random bullet points post I ever make. Usually I try to reign it in and make one topic per post, but I wanted to just talk for awhile, like in a diary or something and just get it out a bit. Without continuing to cry about my dead hamster and lack of pregnancy. You understand right?
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Halloween Past and Present

Halloween is coming up! I know, big surprise, right? Over at Tip Junkie the talk has turned to family-themed costumes. We’ve done a bit of this so I thought I’d throw my few feeble attempts into the mix. This will be MM’s third Halloween and if I do say so myself, I think it will be his best. Before telling you about his Halloween costume this year, let’s cover the years past shall we?


I know, all babies are pumpkins. Not content to be completely ordinary, I had the fabulous idea that dh and I could be pumpkin farmers since we made him after all. And I’m pretty proud of myself for getting dh to dress up at all. I don’t think it will ever happen again.


I’m not in this picture and the two non-lion children aren’t actually mine (they belong to my bestie @ Red Knows How). But I did dress in theme to my son even though dh was not inclined to do so. I really just wore a black tee shirt and some cat ears, but it’s the thought that counts right?

And this year… 2008

MM is going to be The Man In The Yellow Hat! No pictures yet as we are still in the process of making the costume – our first attempt at making our own costume and it’s coming out really well so far. We have one of those monkey leash backpacks that he can wear to be George. And I’ll be hopefully wearing a lab coat, if I can find one, making me Professor Wiseman and I’ve convinced the hubby to willingly wear a baseball cap and let me call him Bill. That’s pretty good sneaky, huh? If you aren’t up on your Who’s Who of Curious George, click here for character descriptions then go to the library and check out some of the books and turn on PBS in the morning and check out the tv show! We’re big fans in this family if that’s not now blatantly obvious. The movie with Will Ferrell is really good, too!

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Do you do themes for your whole family?

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If At First You Don't Succeed, Ignore That Fact and Try Again – In The Fall

Back in June I made a list of 10 things I wanted to do this summer. I only managed to do three of them (take our vacation to the white mountains, go to the beach & attend a family BBQ) but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the list, and hoping we’ll do better next year. I still want to do all those other things another summer. So in an effort to continue being hopeful, here are 10 things I’d like to do this Fall:

  1. Go Apple Picking: Can I put this on my list, even though I’ve already done it? I’d love to go back and possibly pick a pumpkin as well and hit the playground at the apple orchard which I’m now considering “my favorite apple orchard” even though I’ve only been there once.
  2. Jump into a pile of leaves: Especially after seeing this post over @ Sunshine and Lemonade.
  3. Read a book under a tree: It was on my list for the summer and I never did it, but come to think of it, it sounds just as fun to do in the Fall as in the summer. Perhaps I’ll have better luck at it this season.
  4. Make apple pie: I’ve never actually made my own apple pie, and I’m planning to do so this weekend but just in case, I’m putting it on my list!
  5. Carve or paint a pumpkin: I don’t even care if it’s a real pumpkin, I want a pumpkin with a face on it (but not a real face, that would be creepy).
  6. Go trick or treating with my son and all my friends and all their kids: That’s not asking for too much, is it?
  7. Drink egg nog & apple cider and eat pie: I can make the pie or not, and they don’t have to be all at the same time, but doing all three of these things is a must this fall.
  8. Take a trip to either Boston, Plymouth or Salem: I know this is one that might not happen but all three seem like perfect touristy things to do in the autumn months. Complete with museums and learning please?
  9. Make my own cornbread and cornbread stuffing: I had the most amazing cornbread stuffing last year and I’d like to make my own this year, and cornbread, too.
  10. Save money on my car insurance? Yeah I ran out of fall-themed ideas, sorry.

What do YOU want to do this fall?