The Cookie S’More: Camping’s New Best Friend.

the cookie s'more

I’m not sure when I first heard about the cookie s’more or if it was just a flittering whisper of genius in my brain one day, but it’s our new favorite camping recipe that you guys all need to know about.

The truth is: There is nothing complicated about making a s’more – it’s a tried and true recipe. So why change it?

“Ugh, all the graham crackers got smashed up in the box! I’ve got one whole one here and three angled chunks here… Hold on, let me see if I can perch these two together, no they don’t match…”

I got the wrong size chocolate bars – these are way too big for the graham crackers and they don’t have that little break off line… Does anybody have a knife on them?”

“The graham crackers got all randomly crumbly (her face seemed crumbling like pastries? what? Get out of my blog post, Ed Sheeran!) – hurry up and shove this burning hot s’more in your mouth before it falls in the dirt!”

It’s 900 degrees outside and all the chocolate is melted. Maybe we can just smear it onto the graham crackers? Oh, damn, they are broken, too. S’more parfait anyone?”

What? None of you have ever had any of these problems with s’mores before? Maybe I’m just inept at basic camp cooking (or dorm room cooking, I won’t lie) – but either way, once I discovered the cookie s’more there was no going back. The flavors, they are so heavenly – the assembly is so easy your three year old could do it (ack! fire! pointy sticks! Nevermind, I’ll assemble!) and plus, cookies.

The Cookie S’More Recipe

Cook Time: however long it takes to roast your marshmallow

Assembly Time: a few seconds

Serves: 1


  • 2 cookies of your choosing, I prefer chocolate chip (Pepperidge Farms Soft Baked are fantastic)
  • 1 or 2 marshmallows depending on size and preference


  1. Roast marshmallows via method of your choosing. Stab them with a skewer and throw them over an open flame (if you are using a grill, remove the grate thingy first – you’re welcome). If you’ve never roasted a marshmallow, please enjoy this handy video from the yootoobs – or just wing it. It’s kind of hard to go wrong here.
  2. Once your marshmallow is browned to perfection, place it on top of a cookie and use the other cookie to sandwich it into place, carefully removing your skewer.
  3. If you can stand it, wait a few seconds before biting in – that marshmallow is hot!

The results, will be ooey and gooey with that perfect blend of chocolate, marshmallow and cookie flavor. Make some for the other people in your camping group or keep it your little secret and laugh ruthlessly, watching them make their own Old Fashioned, Sad and Pathetic S’Mores.

Don’t have an open flame handy? Place those cookies on a microwave safe plate, top one with a marshmallow and microwave for a few seconds until the marshmallow starts to expand – then top with the other cookie. Keep a close eye on the marshmallow though, nobody wants to clean exploded marshmallow out of a microwave.

What’s your favorite camping recipe? Your This is So Easy it Almost Doesn’t Deserve It’s Own Post Except It’s Genius Recipe?

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    Oh my god….. That looks. So damn… Good… And fattening. Hah