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Fathers Day 2013: A weekend camping trip (Mommy & Me Monday)

Hello to Mommy & Me Monday Visitors! Pics of me and the kids (and hubby and the kids) are just a few paragraphs down! I’m combining my vacation re-cap with my Mommy & Me post – sorry about the lengthiness of it!

I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend celebrating the Daddies in your lives! We continued our new tradition of taking a Fathers Day Weekend Camping Trip – this year we camped at the Jellystone Park in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin – one of the many little towns in Door County.

door county

It was a fantastic trip overall, despite a few upsets like the very dense gravelly camp site that gave Dan a brief run for his money when inserting stakes into the ground for the tent (we had to use a hammer!) and the crazy thunderstorm Saturday night that happened just seconds after Dan went to brush his teeth before bed – lucky thing he doubled back for a poncho after feeling a few drops of rain because seconds later it was pouring and continued to pour for several hours. Luckily we stayed dry in the tent and the thunderstorm acted as nature’s white noise which meant we all actually slept better Saturday night than we did the night before!


Though we loved all the activities and amenities that Jellystone provides, we actually didn’t make much use of them. Friday night they had a movie playing in their pavillion but we ended up missing it because we had a late dinner at PC Junction and picking up a few extra supplies at the local Walmart. Saturday we sent the kids to bed early rather than partake in the Dance Party – but we still enjoyed listening to the music and were grateful to be dry in the tent when it started raining partway through the evening. They had mini golf and shuffleboard and an arts and crafts tent but we never did take advantage of those because we were visiting dairy farms, wine orchards and the little shops in town. All of these activities would have been great in a quieter town with less things to explore (or if it weren’t our first time in Door County) but we found that all we really needed / enjoyed were the fantastic bathrooms, the playground and the great general store. We also would have preferred a little more seclusion on the campsite. Things to remember for future camping trips!

Favorite memories included: Friday morning at Bay Beach amusement park – we stopped here on the way to Door County on the recommendation of a good friend and boy was that ever a good tip! This is such a great hidden gem of an amusement park. Incredibly affordable and tons of fun with just enough rides for our littlest and slightly bigger. The boys had an epic bumper car ride, BB and I rocked the carousel and kiddie rides and we all enjoyed a little train ride together before indulging in some ice cream.


Lunch at the Wild Tomato on Saturday – despite a brief rain storm and a long wait, the food at Wild Tomato is just unbelievably good. Breakfast Sunday morning at Al Johnsons was also really, really good. We loved the whole vibe – the grassy roof that goats keep trimmed, the traditional dresses worn by the waitresses, and the food! Their swedish pancakes were fantastic and we loved exploring the gift shop afterwards. The goats were not on the roof that morning but we saw lots of pictures and they have a live Goat Cam that you can check out on their website.


During the evenings Dan and I played cards while we waited for the kids to settle down for the night. A glass of wine, some citronella candles and time with my hubby – these were some of the best memories. We learned a few new card games together and we even made friends with the World’s Friendliest Moth who pretty much would not leave my side!


Overall, it was just a really great trip with a lot of good memories! We had a great time pampering daddy and came home Sunday afternoon to open presents and watch Hook together while eating some take out from Hy-Vee and relaxing after a long vacation.

Happy Fathers Day 2013

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6 responses to “Fathers Day 2013: A weekend camping trip (Mommy & Me Monday)”

  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Goodness, that looks like a great time! We camped several times at one of these parks…my sister and I liked that they had a pool!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Yes we do love a campsite with a pool – a definite plus! My husband and son made good use of it during this trip!


  2. MommaE Avatar

    What a great weekend! I love traditions. We used to go camping when I was younger, but we cooked 90% of the meals at the campsite…I like that your family got out and explored the town and neat food it had to offer.


  3. Katherine G Avatar

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I have never been camping but would love to do it at least once. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.


  4. bernetta Avatar

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your images. It looks like you all had a ball camping. That is something I have never done. I really want to try it!!


  5. Big Mama Cass Avatar

    Fun!! Great photos 🙂
    Popping over from Really are you serious? 🙂