If your child is alseep, do you cease to exist? A Q&A with my kids.


How much do your kids really know about you? What does your life look like through their eyes?

One of my fave bloggers, Amber @ Crappy Pictures was inspired by a new-to me-blogger that I’m loving, Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 who asked her son to answer some simple questions about her, which she posted on her blog as an About Me section – so clever!

This is similar to the questions I’ve asked the kids about themselves over the years, but turning the tables to ask them questions about me? Hilarious.

BB’s answers really made me laugh – I had a lot of fun transcribing her three year old thoughts. MM struggled with this – he is a very literal 7 year old and seemed concerned about giving the wrong answer so at first all his responses were “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” – I had to encourage and assure him that there weren’t wrong answers here.

Everything about Me, According to My Children

What do I do for fun?
BB (age 3): well you do have cool babies for fun, you have perfect time and you draw pictures and you are a great girl. Does this actually answer my question? I’m not sure, but listening to her form this sentence kind of made my heart melt. I do have cool babies!
MM (age 7): I think that you like to … be with us. Clearly, both of my children don’t think I exist outside of them!

What’s my favorite TV show?
BB: World Girl and Sofia is your favorite show. If it’s not obvious, these are her favorite shows.
MM: Doctor Who This is closer to the truth, but again, one of his favorite shows.

What do I drink?
BB: Coffee and water. This is my life.
MM: coffee? Well, these kids definitely have my number!

What do I eat?
BB: a cookie and dinner I can’t argue with this. I do, in fact, like cookies and dinner
MM: cliff bars? Um, no.

What do I like to read?
BB: you like to read Biscuit to me. That’s true…
MM: the Wizard of Oz to me. It amazes me that my kids really think the only time I read is when I’m reading to them… It’s like they don’t know me at all!

What do I wear?
BB: a dress, shirt, pants and socks. and skirt. All at the same time?
MM: sweaters! You can’t read it in the response, but he sounded so hopeful and convinced he’d ACED this question!

What do I do with my friends?
BB: You draw on a chalk board with your friends. There are no words.
MM: You do board meetings I literally asked “Anything else?” and he said “Are there more questions?”

What is my favorite song?
BB: ABCs, twinkle and my name is flo. I wish I’d taken a sound recording of this interview, you guys aren’t even hearing how adorable this was.
MM: Call Me Maybe This might, in fact, be my son’s favorite song. Again – their favorites? Obviously my favorites.

What do I do when you’re napping?
BB: wake me up. Read: I don’t exist when she is asleep.
MM: You watch tv and work on your computer. Truth.

What do I do when you’re in bed at night?
BB: always kiss to me and hug to me. ::swooning::
MM: You hang out with daddy or your friends. Always literal with this one.


You know you wanna play along! Be sure to check out Amber and Jenn‘s kids’ responses, all equally adorable. If you interview your kids, let me know so I can read their responses, too!

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    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Awesome, going to check it out now!


  1. JennSomethingClever Avatar

    Thanks for the shout-out! Those answers were priceless. “You are a great girl.” Did cartoon hearts just explode out of you when she said that?


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Yeah I was pretty much a puddle by the end of the interview – I wish I’d gotten it all on audio – so many nuances were lost to the written version.


  2. Shiv Avatar

    MAN!!! I don’t have words to tell you how good I felt reading this blog. Made my day.
    I will add this link to my wife’s blog.


  3. Chantalehoney Avatar

    May I do this on my blog? I promise to send people over here. 🙂


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Absolutely, I’d love to see their answers!


  4. Angela Gilmore Avatar

    So cute, I Iove this.