It's bumGenius! It's Marvelous!

I think I’ve mentioned that I really want to try cloth diapers for the next baby – and I just read on that Baby Cheapskate is giving away 12 bumGenius 3.0 One Size cloth diapers to one lucky reader!!!!

That’s a retail value of $200 people! How could I not enter? And you should, too!

2 thoughts on “It's bumGenius! It's Marvelous!

  1. Haha awesome, now one of us just has to win! You know I’m feeling totally confident about my odds when they a re predicting 5,000 entries!


  2. I totally appreciate the offer, but if it would mean you switching to cloth, then keep them! I LOVE BumGenius diapers! After using them I would never go back to disposables. And even with all the fancy-schmancy diapers I buy for fun, I’d never give up my BumGenius dipes!


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