Things I Love Thursday: My Imagination

After thoroughly enjoying The Dark Knight last weekend my husband and I decided we should make it a point to see all the Batman movies made thus far. This week we watched the Batman movie from 1966, expecting great things indeed.

So here’s the thing – the Batman of the 60’s? Pure cheese. And that’s cool, we could appreciate that and we even liked Adam West as Batman at least in voice and appearance. But call us crazy, we like our gruesome, dark, conflicted Batman movies better. Heath Ledger sealed that in stone if it wasn’t already set.

And the villains in this fluff tale? I mean, yeah they are all great and hilarious and so clearly THEM, but they can’t hold a candle to the likes of Heath Ledger. You know Cesar Romero was great, but I just can’t picture him a nurse’s uniform. I just can’t.

So okay, how is any of this relevant to a Things I Love Thursday, the masterful creation of Jill @ The Diaper Diaries? Well I love that what my imagination created with this movie, based on the tv show of the same era and cast, is the perfect brainstorm of an idea for a Kid’s Show which I think would most appropriately have to air on Nick Junior (since the Batman shows are sometimes on Nick at Night according to DH).

Cause here’s the thing – watching these people jump up and down with joy, prance around, and have cute pathetic little fist fights while saying very funny things if you happen to be a 5th grader… Well it made me realize – this would be just as funny, if not funnier, if the entire movie were acted out by toddlers – can’t you just see it? Picture it with me in your mind if you will – the costumes shouldn’t be hard to come by – we see them all every year at Halloween – and getting kids to fight, bicker, giggle and jump around? Heck they are doing that anyway. And why stop at just a movie? Make it a tv show and cash in on the awesome all year round!

And I noticed in the movie that Adam West likes to give little bits of a “moral lesson” in between gags. In this movie we learned:

  • That you should never mess with mother nature, as in dehydrating and rehydrating people
  • And never drink to excess, thus causing you to see things which may or may not be there – but that even if people are drinkers, they are still human beings!! If there was ever any doubt…
  • Never have “relations” with people you are not married to unless they are really hot, Russian and purr a lot
  • Always support the local police and government, but never tell the truth to the press
  • Never drive without your license – he actually asks Alfred if he has a license before letting Alfred drive – no joke people. Cause you never know, right?
  • Never dispose of a pre-atomic submarines to persons who don’t even leave their full addresses

There were more but this is all I can remember off the top of my head. Can’t you see this being the perfect kids show though? Imagine being able to put super villains in a time out? How great would that be? And they can give little right and wrong lessons in the middle of all the fun Batty chaos – and the merchandising opportunities would be endless – there could be action figures, lunch boxes, halloween costumes… oh wait. Well. Still – they might sell MORE of them! It could be awesome!

Nickelodeon, I’ll be waiting for your call. Or you can have your people email my people at mommablogsalot at gmail dot com.

7 responses to “Things I Love Thursday: My Imagination”

  1. Jacquelyn@Because I Said So! Avatar

    I have a teen old enough to see The Dark Knight and a seven-year-old who is dying to. I’m banking on the oldies to keep him distracted. This is a kid who religiously turns on Rocky and Bullwinkle every night and laughs his butt off with me as we watch together. I think he might take to the originals. I loved Alfred the best when I was a kid, I think because he seemed likt the boss of Batman! What does that say about me?

    Jen, have you written any screenplays? You sure have the ideas and imagination—why wait for Nickelodeon? Call them first!


  2. Jen E Avatar

    @ the diaper diaries: Oh we giggled plenty that night, that’s for sure!


  3. Jen E Avatar

    @ HappyHourSue: We liked the show also, but for some reason in movie form it was just a bit too much – not even to say we didn’t like it, because we did, I think we’d just been in the mood for the wrong kind of movie really. 🙂


  4. Jen E Avatar

    @ Rachel : I really really loved it – but it’s long, so be forewarned – and also yes very dark. But I think as long as you know that going in you should like it.


  5. Rachel Avatar

    I still have yet to see Dark Knight. My hubby has seen it twice and is ready to drag me by the hair to go see it with him.


  6. thediaperdiaries Avatar

    You might just have something there. I love the old campy Batman movies. You just gotta giggle 🙂


  7. HappyHourSue Avatar

    OMG I LOVE the old Batman TV show. Love Adam West, loved how the villain’s pads were always shot on an angle. POW! Whack! I still say “Holy (fill in the appropriate word), Batman..”

    Thanks for visiting!