Thirteen Exciting Things About Our Upcoming Vacation…

As you all probably know we’re taking a family vacation this September to the White Mountains? Oh you haven’t heard? This must be your first time reading my blog. Anyhow, here are 13 Reasons why I’m excited, in particular, about the time we’ll be spending at Story Land in Glen, NH (The Children’s Theme Park Where Fantasy Lives!) – making this quite obviously my Thursday Thirteen post, no?

  1. Shopping With Little Miss Muffet: Miss Muffet’s Market is the original Story Land gift shop -as in, it was The Shop before the other shops (there are four now)- making it like stellar, am i right? They apparently have a “huge selection of toys, keepsakes & clothing priced with families in mind” – that means cheap right? Even more awesome.
  2. Continuing with the shopping theme, can I get a “hell yeah” for the Storybook Corner Gifts & Candy Shoppe: Like an excuse to buy books? What? Did I hear that right? And candy? Are you freaking serious?
  3. Another cool shop? The Let’s Pretend Imagination Shop, which claims to be a place where we can all “be a pirate or a princess or anything in between… from wands to swords, from crowns to badges, from hats to socks, the selection at the Let’s Pretend shop is sure to please just about everyone.” (I would make an excellent PR agent, don’t you think?)
  4. Okay but enough about shopping, let’s talk about food! First up will obviously be breakfast at Pixie Treats (if we get there that early; every morning from 9am until 10:30am they serve French Toast Sticks, Bagels, Muffins, and Hash Brown Potatoes, AND breakfast sandwiches (dh’s favorite) featuring Egg with Bacon & Cheese or Sausage & Cheese on a Bagel or a Muffin. During the rest of the day, Pixie Treats serves Soft Serve Ice Cream, in a cone or a dish, with or without jimmies; Root Beer Floats; Cotton Candy; and Cookies. Just so you know  they are all about the multi-tasking.
  5. They even serve mexican food at Storyland – all about world loving, one of their many ethnic friendly options is Senor Munchero’s, inspired by menus found “south of the border” they serve Quesadillas; Tacos; Corn Dogs; Nachos; Chicken Fingers; Hot Dogs and Chili Dogs; Criss Cut French Fries; Fritos, Doritos, and Potato Chips. And as long as Taco Bell isn’t their sponsor, there’s a chance hubby will take me there! ::fist pumping like there’s no tomorrow::
  6. Storyland, by the way, is totally pro-breastfeeding. Mama’s House makes me wish I was still nursing: Each Mama’s House is “designed to provide peace, quiet, and privacy for nursing mothers and their babies. Each Mama’s House has rocking chairs and diaper changing stations in shaded comfort.” They have four Mama’s Houses throughout the park.
  7. Tree Sculptures: How cool is this? “Every tree is a work of art in itself. We’ve taken some whose limbs had to be trimmed for safety, and turned them into one-of-a-kind sculptures. Our largest tree sculpture (pictured on the right) is located right in the front of the park; it was the original Spider Tree for our Little Miss Muffet setting, and it’s been a central feature of Story Land from our first day.” This is just so cool I am weirdly excited about seeing it in person. Whose vacation is this again? Oh right, totally mine.
  8. Little Dreamers Nursery Rhymes: All the classic nursery rhymes come to life at the Little Dreamers Nursery Rhyme area: “Rock-a-bye Baby rocks gently in a secure tree-top cradle; children can count one, two and buckle some shoes, or pop out of a pie; Mary’s Little Lamb rests in the schoolhouse yard; explore Peter Pumpkineater’s House. It’s familiar, it’s fun, and it’s fantastic for even the youngest of visitors. The Little Dreamers area is located to the right of the park entrance, just beyond Humpty Dumpty and the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe.”
  9. Okay now for the RIDES – Here’s what their website has to say about the rides, which I will list next the ones in particuar I’m freaking out excited about: “A ride in a pumpkin coach, an antique car, or a pirate ship can turn into a lifelong memory for a young child. Story Land’s 21 rides generally are designed for parents and children to enjoy together. We encourage parents to join their children wherever possible to help ensure that everyone rides safely.” I think it was this paragraph that initially got my excited about the trip – like, “Seriously? I get to go on the rides, too????” So cool. Anyhow…
  10. Okay so anyone who really knows me (as in-non-cyber land, knows like my last name and serial number kinda knows me) will know why the Eggs-traordinary Farm Tractors is like the best reason ever for marrying into my husband’s family. We’ll be like celebrities people. Celebrities touring “one of the most unique farms you can imagine. These Eggs-traordinary Tractors arrived new in 2003 for a relaxing ride through the fields and barns of our one-of-a-kind farm, featuring both real and animated crops.” Yeah it’s unique because they were named after my son. Just saying… But seriously, how cute do they look with their blue and yellow and their sleepy eyes and have I mentioned my love for cars that look like humans? That Pixar movie was incredible. It shall have nothing on this.
  11. Then, there’s the Cuckoo Clockenspiel: which apparently takes riders through what just may be the world’s largest cuckoo clock. And my son will have a great time learning a new word. Which could leads to loads of hilarious miscommunications… Oh my imagination is running rampant right now as I dream of “Spin[ning my] tub at [my]own speed as [I] wind [my] way through this unique timepiece.” Yes, yes I am.
  12. oh and people – they have SWAN BOATS – I have never ever been on a swan boat, but I’ve always assumed it was The Thing To Do and this year, I am riding on a swan boat. And it’s going to be awesome. It will look something like this:

    Notice how happy we will look as we “pilot [our] own Swan Boat on a leisurely tour of a serene pool in the shadow of Cinderella’s Castle”… oh yes we will.

  13. But that’s just the start people – the biggest reason I’m excited about Story Land and our entire vacation to the White Mountains, is that I’ve never been and thus really have no idea what to expect. It will be one of many “firsts” that my son and I will likely experience together during his life. Things like flying a kite, taking a picnic, and being the mother of a 3 year old are just the start of a beautiful life ahead of us, and this trip next month will be no exception.

I think that next week I will do a Thursday Thirteen on Santa’s Village, and then the week after that on the Campground we are staying at – the Thursday after that we’ll be packing our bags to leave the next morning – we’ll see if I get around to posting that day but I will try and also hope to do a small bit of blogging during the vacation while the boys are passed out from all the excitement. 🙂 Can you tell how much I seriously cannot wait?

Oh and for more T13 Fun, head here, as always!


  1. Sounds like you’re going to have a really great time on your trip. I’ve never been that far NE… someday…



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