My Husband Rocks: Best Compliments Ever

Yesterday was emotionally draining for both of us – we were taking a post-dinner walk, and in the middle of everyday conversation we began to argue about something we often argue about – the difference is this time we actually made a huge leap in our marriage – realizing things about each other we hadn’t known before. I won’t go into details, it doesn’t really matter. But here’s the point for this post anyway, at the end of the talk, we were both feeling a bit emotionally drained, but he added one last thing:

“I’m not a fundamentalist, you know that, but there is one thing which I feel fundamentally about, and it will not waver: That I love you.”

Or something like that, but seriously, guys, isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard? It’s kind of the basis of our marriage. We might disagree and we might not always understand each other, but – we love each other, fundamentally, immovably. I love that.

So that’s pretty much the best thing a man could ever say right? Well, no, later that night he actually topped that if you can believe it. We were watching Roman Holiday, a favorite movie of mine, that he’d never seen, and I commented at one point when it was clear how much he was enjoying it, “can you see why I love Audrey Hepburn?” And he said, “Well obviously, she’s just like you.”

Now I was flattered, thinking he meant her personality – it’s a little quirky and I could see what he was saying, but people – he meant in appearance. My husband thinks I look like Audrey Hepburn, but better. Now, while I’m sure he’s probably just crazy, I’ll take that compliment any day – in my personal opinion, Audrey is like one of the most beautiful women who has ever graced the face of this planet.

I was like on top of the world last night after that. My ego has maybe never been higher. It made me want to lose weight in a GOOD way – like, “If I look like her now to him, imagine how good I’d look if I could take off some of this weight…”

I don’t think I can properly explain this any better, but the point is the title of this little meme, my husband ROCKS! Does yours? Tell us about it, then link up with Katy Lin @ The Great Adventure & her My Husband Rocks meme.

Happy Weekend. 🙂

5 thoughts on “My Husband Rocks: Best Compliments Ever

  1. What fabulous comments! There’s nothing quite like fighting to leave you wondering how your other half feels… it’s just amazing that he thought to confirm his feelings so there would be no doubt.

    I think, we need a better picture of you (you know, where we can see all of your face), so we can better compare you do the lovely Audrey!


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