Top 5 Tuesday: Dreaming Of an Ittle Baby…

For this week’s Top 5 Tuesday @ Supernanny Where Are You?, Dana is putting the reins in OUR hands – basically we get to pick the theme this week – our top 5… anything – websites to visit, books to read, excuses to give for not doing our homework… whatever – just pick what interests you, explain why it’s your Top 5 and go to town! And be sure to link up over here when you’re done!

So for this week, I want to talk about the Top 5 things I’d get for New Baby if we ever conceive. We’ve been talking about having another baby for as long as I’ve been blogging actually, with little success so far, but that’s given me plenty of time to daydream about all the fun things Imaginary Baby and I could do together, so let’s play make believe for awhile, shall we?

  1. A Sleepy Wrap – I might make a few wraps of my own, but the more I read, the more I love the sound of Sleepy Wrap – if I can give my money to just one wrap designer, I think it will be for this. I also like the idea of maybe getting a ring sling or mei tai carrier, but which way I’ll go for those, I couldn’t tell you yet – the sleepy wrap, I’m fairly sold on though. They use a strong stretchy fabric so you don’t have to leave room for the baby or toddler, but simply just tie it tightly to your body and then stretch it out to put the child in and it holds them close and strong. Plus they make nursing in public pretty easy I’ve heard. Overall I just love the idea of being able to hold Baby all the time and still have free arms for attending to life stuff and MM stuff. I won’t be able to lie around like a lump like I did when MM was born and I intend to be READY for ANYTHING. And it’s not just for toddlers and infants – look at this picture with a mother happily holding her 45 pound 5 year old daughter! How great is that?
  2. A co-sleeper – we got one of these (to borrow) a few weeks after MM was born, after learning a bassinet wasn’t cutting it, i.e. he fell. And it scared me silly. This co-sleeper was a dream and we used it for awhile with our little pumpkin – it made it so much easier to nurse throughout the night and kept me worry free – and for our next child I’m buying one. For keeps.
  3. A double stroller option so MM can sit in the stroller, too. I like this one by Kolcraft that lets you remove the 2nd seat and turns it into a lightweight single stroller – it also just has great reviews, features for a not too terrible price overall. And it’s pretty.
  4. Cloth Diapers, probably the BumGenius One Size diaper – no need to buy new diapers when the kid gets older – if we had multiples or if MM was still in diapers they could use the same diapers instead of buying two sizes, etc. And yeah I really want to try this whole cloth diapering thing – if we’re still in this apartment we have a set tub in the laundry room, and really I’m just running out of reasons not to. It is becoming more and more important to me and I know I could make it work, just like nursing.
  5. A Video Baby Monitor – I love this one by Summer Infant – so small and light weight but with VIDEO – that’s key. I wish we’d had one for MM so I could worry less and ask DH less if he thought MM was “still breathing” – also when we transitioned to the Big Boy Bed, I was always wondering what he was DOING. I know they are a bit on the expensive side but I’d love to get one anyway. I am THAT mom.

So when the unthinkable happens and I post to say something like OMG I’m Pregnant, you’ll all know what to get me. Cause people do that right? Buy strangers things for their babies? Anyway I’m hoping when I get pregnant we’ll also magically be rich or that like all our family will be like “Do you need anything?” and I can say, “Well we have the essentials but there are these 5 things I’d REALLY like…” and you know magically they’ll be like, “I have $200 to spend on you, let me take care of one of those for you…” and I’ll be like, “Okay, I’d like 6 sleep wraps, I mean…”

What’s Top 5 on your mind today?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: Dreaming Of an Ittle Baby…

  1. Great list! Especially the cosleeper. I wish we had one with my daughter. She just ended up in our bed every night. My brother actually said that he read they were being recalled. I’m not sure if that is true or if it is just a certain brand, but that is really sad if it is.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the video monitor. It’s a fact of life that you are usually not as stressed with your second baby as you were with your first.

    Good luck!


  2. I remember the things that were essential to my pregnancy and newborn after the first child. I swore by the Boppy. It was great for nursing and bottle feeding. I also had a…I guess a co-sleeper, because the last one never touched my bed making it easy to get him to sleep in his own bed. It was awesome. The Avent bottles were the best and easiest to clean. Those are just a few. But at long last I am not trying for anymore I have three and I think that is enough.


  3. That’s cute. I never did any kind of sling/carrier, my kids are both really warm blooded, and they always felt way too hot. I think if I was going to start out with a newborn again I would probably do the cloth diapers too, at least at home. At this point I’m not sure how economical it would be (since she’ll hopefully be potty training in less than a year.) The stroller looks cool. I never bought a double, we don’t go enough places to justify it, and when we do go there’s usually 2 adults anyway.

    So, you’re the queen of meme’s. You’re up for next week. What would you like to see for T5T?


  4. I’ve used a pouch type sling when my daughter was an infant. I’ve got a little boy on the way and have been thinking about a wrap instead. I think I might just try the sleepy wrap. Thanks for sharing.

    I love the bum genius diapers too!


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