Kids Picks: What's On MM's Nightstand?

The new Tuesday meme at 5 Minutes for Books is the Kids’ Pick – in which you or your child writes about their current favorite book – akin to What’s On Your Nightstand. Well, after all the vicious lies MM spread in his Thursday 13 post last week, I decided he’s banned from future guest posts until he’s at least 3 years old, so I’ll have to do this one myself. 🙂

I actually had a pretty hard time choosing what book I’d consider his favorite, we read so many different books every day – but here are the regulars in our rotation right now and also one new book (for him) as of last night:

  1. What two year old doesn’t love to yell “NO” over and over, especially at bed time? This is a book we’ve had his whole life that he’s just now getting VERY into. Of course his mommy and daddy love this one, and we probably get very animated as we read it, which cracks him up like nothing else and he loves all the illustrations and mimicking the words as we read them. He also loves pointing out all the things he sees in the pictures, like bus, truck, pigeon, etc.
  2. Ten Apples Up on Top anyone? My son loves to read along to this book – you know he says, “apple… apples….apples… APPLES…” over and over for every page but he also throws in other descriptors like “TIGER” and “DOGGY” – he loves any book where he recognizes things and can say the names so maybe he’s an easy to please kinda guy, but I do think this book is pretty cute and it teaches counting – for whenever that matters… I have to admit though, this is one of those books where I tend to “edit” while I read, i.e. shorten sentences and leave things out so as not to lose his attention span prematurely.
  3. And now for the bedtime stories – for awhile there this one never left rotation. We’ve literally just begun to ease out of it, but he still loves to hear it – and would gladly hear it every night if we read MORE books at bedtime, too. He of course loves the concept of doing this “all by himself” and these books offer a plethora of things to name – he loves finding the mouse on every page and loves seeing Little Critter doing things that HE does, too. We play along and pretend we’re brushing our teeth and playing with our truck while we read, etc. and yeah it’s a good time.
  4. MM loves this book so much that he cries if we don’t let him keep it overnight to play with after we leave the room – which I would gladly do if he didn’t rip books – although to be fair he hasn’t done that for weeks but I don’t know if it’s because I’m not giving them to him to rip or because he’s figured out that I don’t like it. Anyway, regardless, this little book is awesome – he has it mostly memorized and loves feeling the different textured parts of each page. It’s a great book for repetition – makes it very easy for him to believe he’s really reading it, you know?
  5. This is the every night book – I let him keep it overnight since it’s cloth and therefore much more difficult to destroy. We read it last every night, and he knows when the book is over it’s bedtime. Sometimes this means he fights us over reading it, to delay bedtime, but he always wants to hear it eventually – he loves placing the bunny on each page to demonstrate the actions depicted on the page like “eating a snack” and “picking up toys” and putting the bunny in his bed at the end of the book. I love this book as a wind down story, the other books tend to get much more animated, this one calms him down again.
  6. This one DH pulled out last night – we read it once or twice when he was younger, but he was too young really at that time. But this time he loved it – he’s really into mimicking as I’ve mentioned it and now that he’s caught on to the fun of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus – this one is a lot of fun, too. He thought daddy was absolutely hilarious reading it and loved to pretend to also be refusing the green eggs and ham until the last minute. MM really has an incredible imagination, and loves all things make believe. Dr. Seuss I think is great for that.

What books are your kids reading now?

6 thoughts on “Kids Picks: What's On MM's Nightstand?

  1. My not-quote-2 year old’s shelves are full of books that were his brother’s but I’m always looking for new ideas. These all look like great additions (except Pat the Bunny and Green Eggs, which we already have.)


  2. We had “That’s Not My Lion” and kiddo just loved it! He’s 6 and STILL likes to read it from time to time. When it came time to buy a book for his 2 yr old cousin, he helped me pick out “That’s Not My Teddy”. Kiddo loved showing the pages to his cousin and pointing out the mouse on each one. These are FANTASTIC books – I highly recommend them.


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